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If you removed the crank, the devide would apepar more mysterious. Maybe add some gears to this?


Beta release of December
Details of newness
French version of the 1 er december of the Beta Moi :slight_smile:
Here :thumbsup:

You can find german version as soon as exist here or at Moi site :slight_smile:


New stuff:

New translation infrastructure and new language support. You can now switch the current language for the UI in the Options dialog, the current choices are English, French, German, and Spanish. Translations are thanks to:
French: Pilou
German: Tony Kluever
Spanish: David de las Heras

Major boolean and trim bug fix, many booleans and trims that used to fail now work.

New Transform/Array tools for replicating objects. Includes Array/Grid for copying objects into a rectangular or cubic block, Array/Circular for copying objects around in a circular pattern with optional steps for spiral-staircase type patterns, and Array/Curve for copying objects along a path curve.

Added support for .3ds file format export.

Updated IGES export - exported surfaces from solids and joined objects should now all have a consistent normal direction.

Fixed a bug in Shell and Offset, where some non-solid joined surfaces could offset surfaces in different normal directions.

Bug fix for Scale1D - this didn’t work properly if you were scaling in some direction other than one of the world axis directions.

Update to Loft so that it is not as sensitive to the spacing between sections.

Similar update to Curve / Through points, it does not bulge out as wildly with uneven spacing.

Plus a variety of smaller bug fixes.

If you run into any problems, please let me know.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

  • Michael


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