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Hmmm, let’s see. I got involved with 3D modeling back on the Amiga computer around 1989 or so, using “Turbo Silver”.

I went to college (The Evergreen State College) after that and studied computer programming, and I had always wanted to have a quicker and easier way to make 3D models so I started to focus on that.

One summer at college, I didn’t have any classes, and I didn’t sleep very much and worked an excessive amount on a new modeling program that I eventually called “Sculptura”. This was around 1992 or so. The first place that I demoed it was at the Olympia AutoCAD User’s Group, and some people from Robert McNeel & Associates were there and were interested in it, and I started an internship with them. After a couple of quarters I dropped out of school and just switched to a regular job there, and after Sculptura was finished I threw everything out and started over on a brand new modeler that I originally called Sculptura 2.0, but which I eventually re-named to Rhino as a code name which ended up sticking as the final product name.

Right before I joined RMA, there was a deal between RMA and a company called Applied Geometry to try and bring AG’s NURBS modeling library technology as a plug-in to AutoCAD (RMA was primarily an AutoCAD dealership at that point). So when I started Sculptura 2.0 (Rhino) I had AG’s NURBS technology available to me and that’s when I was introduced to working with NURBS. I worked by myself on Rhino for a couple of years while some other people worked on the AutoCAD plug in which was called AccuModel. Eventually I made the case that AccuModel should be canceled and all the effort switched over to Rhino because it was much more promising, and that’s what happened.

After 6 years or so at RMA, I decided it was time for a change and I quit and took the summer off. Then I joined Microsoft and worked there for about 4 and half years, on a bunch of stuff that was canceled and then some stuff in MSN. But Microsoft doesn’t really do any work on software that is used for creative works, like design, art, sculpture, etc… I really missed working in this area, so nearly 3 years ago (in November) I quit from there and decided to give a try at doing my 3rd generation modeling program on my own…

As far as NURBS development, it is tricky. It was really confusing for me for a long time when I first started on it, but like a lot of things if you keep studying and working on it, it gets easier and more familiar over time.

Ok, that’s plenty enough information about me, I think! :wink:

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…informative indeed :slight_smile:


So downloaded! Nab
Anywho, I cant seem to fillet anything that isnt a standard shape. On the moi its mentioned that the issue is mainly due to the geometry library thats being used in moi and should hopefully be rectified sometime soon in developement.
This is a great idea. its very intuitive, though ive never used rhyno, nore have I used sketchup, though I hear both are very good in their own respects.

Does anyone know if Moi going to be strictly freeware?


Does anyone know if Moi going to be strictly freeware?

It’s only a Beta before a commercial version at a price near Silo2 :slight_smile:
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I like it. Very simple. Very intuitive. It’s at the very least a fun tool to play around with.
Everyone should at least start making selection highlighting a standard feature from now on. After trying Silo and this, I can’t stand not having it.


Thanks for that. Its nice to know they arent going to charge outrageous prices for it. ~$150 is quite a nice price for a piece of modeling software.


4 September Beta Release

New stuff:

History! Surfaces remember how they were created, and update with edits. For example, revolve a curve and then edit the curve to update the revolved surface.

History updates are enabled by default for these commands: Extrude, Revolve, Rail Revolve, Sweep, Blend, Offset curve, Planar curve, and Loft.

If you want to prevent the updating, you can turn history off by selecting the generated object (for instance, the revolved surface), then use the new History button on the Edit tab. Updating can be disabled there. Updating can also be turned on there for several other tools that have it off by default, such as Transform/Copy, and some others.

Got an updated geometry library that has several bug fixes, especially for fillet-related crashes.

Object cloning - hold down Ctrll when dragging an object to drag away a copy of the object. Rotate and Scale transforms also support holding down Ctrl and clicking to drag a copy, and also a “Make copies” checkbox as well, which makes every click drop a copy.

Untrim - you can untrim a surface by selecting all the edges of one of its boundaries and using Delete. This erases the trim and gets you back to the underlying surface.

Updated crash handling - shows a dialog when there is a crash with a “Send e-mail” button on it, instead of opening up an e-mail immediately.

Fixed a bug where Alt key shortcuts didn’t work properly.

Make Right-click work the same as cancel if there is no “Done” button available. Previously it would only work for “Done”.

Fixed a bug where MoI would seem to start fine but no buttons would work on a few people’s machines. This would happen if the file registrations for “.js” files were messed up.

Cool :applause:


yes history in both this and Rhinoceros v4 are wonderful things.


It seems interesting, but I couldn’t get past the odd rotating-panning-zooming system.


i was using rhino long time ago, since its first beta, great piece of software in my opinion…
this one seems to follow its steps, tried it abit, makes a good loft and sweep results…
i have a few suggestions as well, regarding interface - it will be really helpfull to play with the sizes of the windows… make it 2/3 windows as well… bookmark perspectives…
snaping - should make an ability to snap along a point line, ie i wanna draw a line which will be on the same x axis as a point, i select by clicking on that point on another refernce line… the clicking wont draw the point of the new line, but will remember its position and will create a snapped straight axis y,z,x to that point… makes the program remember up to points will help consentrate on the main 3d window without having to jump to other windows…

its blending tool aint good enough… but since its the first release of this beta, i see a good future to it.


it will be really helpfull to play with the sizes of the windows…

…the “Cursor” of the UI in Options? :slight_smile:


between the views…
i wanna make the 3d window small while only the right and front are large without the top…
and any other combination…


You can right click and drag in view.

I like it.
If there’s anything you want or don’t like, he seems happy to add it or give you a good explanation why not.
IMO, worthy of suport, for the dev’s attitude alone if nothing else, as its growing into a handy little app to add to my tool set.


…Blend function! :applause:
Little correction!

“Oops, your graphic there is not quite right - you don’t want to click near the middles, you want to click closer to one end than in the middle, but it needs to be on the same ends that you want to have matching.”


new beta 4 : 2006 9 6 of rhinoceros today , for those in the having of v2 and v3 keys…


The developer did inform me that the blend tool is not yet complete. Your notes on the blend bug might help the developer.


…there is absolutly no big bug in the Blend function, just a little no good use from my part :slight_smile:
See the “Oops” above :slight_smile:


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That’s so cute that I want to cook it & eat it!


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This one bottom will be a surprise!
I don’t know what it is in volume! So suspense!

An amazing thing!
Steph has actualy an hand hurting so the use of the Pen Palett is greatly appreciate!
Don’t forfget that MoI is created for that !!! Use the pen graphic!
Waiting the recovery of Steph :cool:

Please remark the “purety” of the drawing lines program :applause:
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