New Motion Mixer tutorial up!


After a long hiatus producing tutorials, I finally have a new one up here:

You can also get it by subscribing to the podcast (though the ones on this page are larger files of higher quality).

Production of the feature film is purring right along, and I hope to have some more animations rendered by the end of the month to show you.



Thank you very much for taking time to create another tutorial. I have been really getting into motion mixer ever since I viewed your first tutorials. I am eager to watch this new one. I have posted a question to different forums, and I can’t seem to get an answer. I was wandering if you may know what to do.

I am using ACS4 to rig my character. The rig has some expressions that when activated rotate the spine bones to counter rotate the shoulders to the hips. It is very nice for walk cycles. I have created a walk cycle using these expressions, but when I bring the animation into Motion Mixer, the expression animation is not coming in. I have tried everything I can think of and am having no luck. Would you know why Motion Mixer is not using the expressions? The bones that the expressions are tied to are part of my actor. I have scanned for xchannels and was sure to add every bone and control object in the rig. I have also manually added mm_Channeldriver to the bone channels that the expressions are tied to.

Do you have any idea whey these expressions are not working with MM? The weird part is that when I select my motion and click edit motion, the expressions are working fine in edit motion mode.




Thank you very, very much for these clips. I’ve never messed with MM before, but having seen you demonstrate it I have a feeling that I’ll be learning to use it often. I’d never have known how cool it actually is were it not for your clips. Thanks!


Sorry it took me so long to write back. Unfortunately, I think you’ve done most anything you can to get the plugins to work with MM. I have never used ACS but I have never gotten other motion plugins to work with it (I use Quaternion Booster often and it doesn’t work). As a last resort you can bake the motion. You’ll get a keyframe on every frame, but if you take the time, you can clean that up in the Graph editor.

When you go into edit mode for the motion, you are “back in layout” and all the expressions are calculated normally.

I’m sorry to tell you this. The motion mixer is a good tool, but it is not as well developed as the one in Softimage. I hope Newtek will update this in the future.


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