New MoGraph Module


Hi all,



What other 3d package has THIS?
Maxon’s gonna make a huge splash at NAB this year.

Awesome work–can’t wait to start using this.
Checkbook is out…


This is really great. My checkbook is out as well.

Congratulations Maxon on another fine addition to C4D!


Absolutely great. If this does work as described its going to make Cinema scream.
Looks as most bits and functions ,now only possible using loads of different plugins and workarounds , are more or less covered.

Give S&T, Hair et al, -this- Module is taylor made for my work:)



Are you goign to be at NAB Joel? I’ll be at the main Maxon booth demoing most the time look forward to seeing you or anyone else interested in seeing MoGraph.


Ditto! :slight_smile:


Spectacular! I am so excited about this as Motion Graphics stuff is a pretty big part of what we do. Looks like those folks who missed out on Response and Jenna (and for that matter, those who didn’t) have something to cheer about.

I have a couple of questions though for Srek… In a thread posted I believe last week, there was a discussion on Cinebench showing improved OGL performance on Macs. It was revealed that while Cinebench did in fact have some improvements in OGL implementation, they do not exist yet in C4D. Does the 9.6 release include these improvements?

Also, with regard to 9.6… will it be available as a free downloadable update, or does one have to purchase this module? And will the Mac version only come in UB flavor?

Cheers, and good work all.


looks like a nice trick set - but thank the monty christo that cactus dan exists for his character animation super powers.

9.6 looks really nice for mac users so thanks for that too. ( but i am hoping that will be free )


I guess the 9.6 update will be free, except the module which will be additionally sold as usual.


just thought id pop in as a tester and someone who does motion graphics for a living,

these are the best tools to enter cinema since v6, IMO not only for animations, but modeling aswell, and VFX, you will be able to do a lot of things you allways wanted to do with TP but could never figure it out.
the tools are simple to use but the possibilitys are infinate with the way it works stacking effectors.
i cant rate them high enough the guys did an awsom job, kudos to maxon for these sweet tools

ill put togeather some tutorial videos as soon as my new server is online.


The openGL improvements are included with 9.6, take a look at the current R9 product page linked from the front of



9.6 will be a free update for all users of R9.5

No, it will be available as a code warrior version too.

MoGraph and 9.6 will become available as 32 and 64 Bit versions on Windows and Intel/PPC Universal Binary as well as Codewarrior PPC version on OS X.



Mike! Great to see ya bud! Still waiting to hear from Bernd about what server repairs are gonna cost, so I can do what I can to get our portal back up :wink:

Looking forward to seeing what you put together as tuts!

Great news about the Update, thanks Srek :slight_smile:


Mike is the God of Mograph, btw. :slight_smile:


You know, this is really a great (if not responsible) initiative by Maxon to consolidate several much needed, key functions previously only available via a plug-in jungle which (as we all know…) hasn’t been the most dependable at times.
Furthermore, if some of the more “Jeenaesque” functions of this new module eventually find their way into the 64-bit version of C4D, it would be über-cool to say the least.

/ Alex


the whole module works in the 64 bit version just fine :wink:


the exemples look fun, what would be nice though would be to see exemples of the interface, or how the effectors actually work, and how the hierarchies are actually set up.
Beta Testers?


Unfortunately…NO :frowning:

Working for a studio fulltime now–and they/we have no plans to go to NAB this year.
Maybe Siggraph…


Ooo-rah. :wink:


Any word on pricing for MoGraph? Just curious…