New model of Cintiq alternative looks promising?


Apologies if this is already posted… Anyone used one of these second-generation models yet? Looks very promising.

I wished that someone could pair the underlying, fantastic UC Logic digitizer tech with a tablet monitor enclosure. I even bought some hardware to try and make my own. But now I don’t have to. Yiynova must have been listening. The MSP19U is a second generation product that jettisons the inferior Waltop digitizers of the first model and replaces them with UC Logic internals.

Does the pairing live up to the sum potential of its disparate parts? Can a relatively unknown $569 tablet monitor compete with a $1999 Wacom Cintiq? Yes, it competes. It even bests the Cintiq in a few key areas. But I’m jumping ahead.

Full review here


I’m hoping that this will work, not just because of the price but because wacom deserves some competition on the market.


Wow, just $500 on Would love to see more feedback on this unit here.


the stand looks about as usless as the Wacom ones…


Exactly. There is no reason for Cintiq to be so grossly overpriced other than wacom taking advantage of customers due to there being no competition.


you’d probably see cintiqs selling at $800 if the market was as saturated as TVs and cells, but its not gonna happen anytime soon.


To be fair to Wacom, the IPS panel in a Cintiq probably spanks the (what sounds like a) TN panel in this cheap tablet, but even so … this sounds like the first real competition Wacom has faced in the 13 years I’ve been using tablets.

I’m sorely tempted to try out the 9x12" screenless Monoprice tablet built on the same digitizer, because at $80, why the hell not?

And the fact that replacement pens are $8 instead of $60 … man … 52$ buys a lot of AA batteries :slight_smile:


Here are a ton of youtube videos showing it in action:

Having owned a Cintiq 21" in the past I see no difference whatsoever between this and the cintiq as far as usability goes. Definitely getting one of these sometime this year.


Thanx for the info here, I’m MUCHO interested in this development.
And like everyone else, i have to agree:

Wacom seems to have been sitting in a cozy, lazy position over the years; 
I'm probly an old geezer compared to most of u here--was using Wacom tablets/pens as far back as early/mid 90s.

It’s felt as if Wacom has had an attitude of
slightly pushing artists toward upgrades a bit too often.

 Like the comment above: "[b][i]..[/i][/b][b][i]the fact that replacement pens are $8 instead of $60"[/i][/b]--

I think that makes it clear…

 Also, I've had the experience of dealing w/ a Wacom rep who was otherwise very helpful & sincere, 

yet gave me a bit too much of the [i][b]"suggest you upgrade to the new[/b] [/i][b][i]tablet[/i][/b][b]__[fill in the blank w/ the model name/number][/b][i]"[/i]

even though my current tablet was only a year or 2 old.

As if digital artists, typically struggling to make a living while dealing w/ constant software & hardware costs/upgrades,, 
 [i][b]outta be jazz'd about even [/b][/i][b]MORE[/b][i][b] MERRY-Go-Grounds[/b][b] with hardware.[/b][/i]

 I don't want to paint them as a bad company, however it's clear that every serious digital artist & studio & post-production house 
[i][b]on the planet [/b][/i]owns some amount of Wacom hardware. 
 they just don't have an excuse for hefty pricing as if it's still 1990's  [b]R&D  budgets. [/b]
 And they *must* read forums like these--so what the heck are they thinking?? 
 I recall being excited by the wacom pen that was included with the google tablet a few months ago, 

 so perhaps jumping into the google-sphere will get wacom to think differently but who knows.
Like everyone here, i'm happy to see this new hardware & [i][b]that [/b][/i]may be the only thing that helps Wacom's bean-counters realize 
 that they don't own the CG market anymore.


It’s an issue, I don’t know if there’s a solution. Wacom owns the patent for their pen technology and that’s really where the issue lies, this tablet uses something else (the pen has a battery).

Wacom doesn’t have any competition which is why they are so expensive. Plus that’s also why they don’t innovate much. Take for instance the 12" Cintiq, which came out many years ago yet it’s still part of their product line (at the same cost as when it originally came out) and it wasn’t considered all that great when it came out in the first place.

I wonder though, if some unknown company like this can produce something at this level why can’t some other company like Samsung or 3M do even better? Is this tablet getting around the Wacom patent or are they just not well known enough for Wacom to care?


Speaking of which I received this also :

2nd generation of Bosco Kingtee, with pretty good specs and lots of configurable buttons.


The reason larger companies don’t jump on this market is that it is probably such a small segment that isn’t interesting for them. It is for a small and agile electronics company, it’s even more interesting for them if you can steal some thunder (and money) from the overpriced monopolist.


The reason I am being cautious is that there have been a lot of competitors in the past, like Genius and tons of other brands, but they all delivered sub-standard or unusable products. But this does look good and I am happy there is serious competition building!


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I want a Yiynova. They also have a cheaper 10.5 inch version for 299.
It is about time cintiq had competition. Touch technology is old and there is no real reason why the cintiq should cost so much. Yeah I know it is like a Mercedes in performance but my Kia Optima looks like a Mercedes and can get me to the same place at the same amount of time and I don’t have to pay that premium price. Same should be true of tablets. I’m glad the monopoly is over. I wonder how wacom feels about it. You know I have never heard them reply about the expense complaint.


Yiynova has different versions of digitizers (as pointed out by reviewer in link) too so be wary! The old one is complete crap compared to the newer one according to reviewer. I like the fact that my Wacom doesn’t have a battery in the digitizer but there is a reason I still use an Intuos 3 and don’t yet own the Cintiq (which I am saving for).


that looks promising. i might actually jump on that. maybe they can get me one at work.

i’ve only used wacom intuos tablets and i agree they do need the competition. i hope this takes off.


The Yiynova unit looks great for such a low price.

I have written to my favorite technology retailer in Istanbul, and suggested that they start stocking the 19" model. :thumbsup:


This would be huge for our industry and especially students! The cintiq’s are so grossly overpriced with their monopoly. I hope to see some reviews from cgtalk members as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


I got one of these over the holiday break, I really like it a lot. Installation was a pain since I had Wacom drivers already installed. Once those were out of the way it worked great, the pressure sensitivity is just as good as my Intuos4, in my opinion. I wish there were hot buttons on the side but frankly I’m not willing to pay a $1500 premium for that feature. Also the viewing angle is not that great, but manageable. I hope they come out with an IPS version of this, it would be awesome! Also note that the pen does NOT have tilt recognition, so you’ll lose those features in programs like Painter, which is a bummer.