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Hi everyone, this is the first time I’ve used the forum here, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I work as an illustrator in Sydney, Australia and have been using Cinema for almost 2 years. I do one cover a month for the paper in 3d,which is lot’s of fun (apart from the CMYK on bad paper!) The standard of work here is extremely high, which is a bit scary, but inspiring. I’ll look forward to seeing your work and joining in a bit. cheers


Hi Johnny,

And welcome, I’m sure you’ll like it :slight_smile:



hello…i’m a big fan of intros like this but seem to have missed this one…so welcome…and enjoy yourself…:thumbsup:


Hi John, welcome to CGTalk. You should post a link to your website. I’m sure others would enjoy seeing the diverse styles of medium and the quality of your charicatures and illustrations. It’s good to see you here. Ray :thumbsup:


Enjoy your stay :thumbsup:


thanks everyone-what a nice welcome!
here’s a link to my site if you want to check it out


wow some interesting work you got there…love to see different stuff from the norm thats often posted…Oooh yeah and so modest to boot…heh heh.
the blue robot and dog are fantastic pieces…not that the rest isn’t all good.
i’m sure you’ll enjoy it on here.:thumbsup:


Welcome Shakes! Excellent work on your site. :thumbsup: The suicide bunny is hilarious.


Hi Flingster-you’re right, the intro and about does sound a bit wanky…my friend who did the site wrote it(that’s my story anyway!) I should change it though…I cringed when I re-looked at it


Greetings shakes!! nice to see more people using Cinema for the good of design. Took a good look at your gallery, was very impressed.


heh heh…i wasn’t actually refering to the about…i was just saying, i like people jumping in here and introducing themselves…makes it a more familiar and friendly environment. and having looked at your site you were actually being very modest about your talents…i was being serious…(for a change) heh heh. wasn’t taking the mick! anyways…as to the about bit…sounds ok to me…someones gotta hype themselves or no one else will…and its not that over the top to be honest…hell i’ve seen far worse.

anyways enjoy yourself on here bud…great and friendly bunch of people always willing to help out…:thumbsup:


I’m fairly new to the Cinema 4D board myself. I just ordered Cinema last week.

Some killer stuff on your site! :thumbsup:
I really look forward to seeing more of you and your work around here!


Welcome shakes.
checked out your site and I think it’s great!
Love the suicide bunny. :smiley:


thanks you lot- what a charming bunch you are! glad you liked the site. Hopefully I’ll post an image tomorrow, if and when it finally stops rendering!


Greetings John!

Being an avid SMH reader , I have been a fan of your work for a looong time!

The funny thing is, that when I was looking at that cover you did with the mobile phones not too long ago (for Icon I think) I was looking at it wondering if it was sculpture or 3d. I was looking at the tiled ground and thinking, hmmm that sure looks like the tiles shader in C4D with the random colour function on…couldn’t be…now I know that it probably was :smiley:

Some of those pics were so well lit, that it was hard to tell if they were 3d or photographed sculpture, as I know you started in that medium. Your style translates wonderfully to the computer 3d world …good to hear that Cinema is your app of choice…

Have you tried Zbrush in conjunction with Cinema, as it would be right up your alley, with your sculpting skills!


Welcome Shakes!

Great to have an awesome talent like you on these forums!

I love the work posted on your site! Keep up the amazing work! :thumbsup:


Hi Zendorf, gee what a small world it is! great you noticed that-After 10 years I got thoroughly sick of getting my hands dirty making sculptures, and decided to take the plunge into 3d computer graphics-so much more fun! The thought of going back to clay
( Super Sculpy) makes me ill!
much easier to meet a deadline too, as the files are so transportable.Good to know there’s yet another Cinema user in Sydney. drop me an email anytime . John


awesome gallery :thumbsup: that model of the fat elvis is brilliant :smiley:


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