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Hi guys, firstly I must say I am really impressed with this site. I have been lurking for over a month and I tried some of the exercises in the 15 min sketch thread.

Not many people find their passion but I luckily have found one of mine in art. My goals are to become much better in sketching and rendering landscapes and people in pencil. I also would like to then move onto working with colors and digital painting and perhaps painting with watercolor and oils.

At this very moment I am trying to master the human body and ignoring everything else, just so I can nail the body. I have been reading various books from Andrew Loomis amongst other things

Currently I have been channelling all my effort into The Structure of Man DVDs, which has been quite enlightening. Although I am getting tired now I have reached the ribcage tutorials!!!. Is it neccessary to know where every rib is on that rib cage?


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