New Member here: "Project" Bot War


Hello everyone!!!

I am new here so I will give a little back ground on myself…
I am a Maya artist that currently works for a goverment contracter in VA. I am the lead 3D animation and I am looking to move on to something with more of a challenge, so I have started working on my demo reel. Everything that I have done so far is pretty much military related ( you can see some stuff here… ) so I am working on this project to show that I can do more then just millitary animations. I also want to incorporate all of the things that I can do with Maya i.e. modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, lighting, complex partical systems, dynamics, etc, etc…

This project is something that I am kind of creating as I go. I have no story line yet though I do have ideas. The most recent one involves creating an documentary type animation (2-3 min) that involves this bot and all the testing that this thing would go through if it where a real weapon. Like live fire tests, movement and tracking, how it will navigate obstacle, etc etc.

So I have gotten the modeling, texturing (very simple right now) and rigging, done. I have also started some animation tests. My real reason for posting this here is to just hear some ideas and get some input on story ideas. I am more of a technical artist. Writing is very hard for me :banghead: (I have a really hard time just spelling correctly LOL) so any help in this area would be wonderful! I am looking to make this bot the main focus though I am willing to create smaller enemy types if needed. The enviroment is also something that I am still working out though have a few ideas.

So enough of the babbling, here is where I am at…

HR image of the bot.

Tracking animation HERE

Live Fire Test HERE

More to come…

D. :thumbsup:


i think my only problem with it is that the camera almost never stops moving. you should really at least have the camera pause for a second at some point. otherwise it kinda draws away from the actual animation


Thanks DJ, and I think that you are right. These animations are really just test anitations for the movement and rigging though not finals. The final animation will take place in a desert scene I think (I am working on that part now) After I get it in there I would like some input on what everyone thinks. I am a little behind though do to the holidays :smiley:

More to come soon and thanks DJ!



I liked it a lot, cool FX and model


Nice! Love the modeling a lot.



Thanks everyone!

I am hoping to get some time do work on it this weekend so I hope to have some new updates for some C&C

Thanks again everyone!



So I finaly got some motivation and got some more work done on this bad boy. I have desided to work on the model a bit more so here is where I am at. I have redone to leg totally. I will be adding some more detail in the next few days.

More to come…



Ok at this point this bad boy has been completely remodeled…

More to come…


looks nice! :slight_smile: maybe when he jumps he could have more weight ? unfortunatly it seems like there is more movement in the camera than in the animation itself…the modelling looks good. pretty organic. now go for some nice textures :thumbsup:


I agree…sense of weight would definately help. Timing may also be an issue, try speeding up the jump by just a few frames? Otherwise, very cool =D


Update: Started the texturing, I am still in the Idea stage though this is one of the ideas I had…I call this version the “Rust Bucket” Not everything is textured here…

I have another idea that I want to try as well and I may even combined to two to get rid of some of the rust, so…More to come…


i liked the shiny look better than the rust thing. these basic tests the robot goes through suggest that it is a new model, probably some prototype. why should it be rusty?


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