New member here. Hoping for help finding/making mocap fbx files


Hello all nice to meet you. I have been learning game development as a hobby for many years and finally am getting to the point where I can make some half-decent games.
However, I am doing this all on absolute zero budget, so I cannot ever buy assets but instead must try to learn to make my own.
I’ve found many packs with mocaps inside in fbx format (also many great ones at mixamo) but usually they don’t fit my purpose perfectly. For example I have built code for a 3d football game, where you play as one person in part of a team. But my mocaps are awful and I can’t find any better even after much internet-trawling.

Could anyone be some lucky chance link me to a football (soccer) mocap package that is free? even if it is extremely basic such as a couple of kicks, throw-in, and maybe jump and head motions?

I have found some for sale for £1000s and I did see one for £69 from Asia but it didnt look too trustworthy. As I say, this is just a hobby of mine and I really have no money at all. I could perhaps stretch to £10-20 for a soccer mocap pack.

Alternatively is there any way known that I can make my own very basic mocap studio and use myself as the model? (I saw something about using 8 cameras and some lights on my clothes but I really didnt understand if it would work and what kind of hardware and software that would need.

Thanks for reading and for any help or options you can give me.