New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


fausto, this is really great work…
as ed said truely inspiring, makes me want to model…
hopefully ill be in your league someday…

thank you for sharing this and i hope to see much more of your work… upload it all

what method did you use in modelling these?


OMG! amazing. I would like to see some textures. I dont know how you get that cool looking effect of your skins. You must use lots of shaders. Amazing fausto! You are my role model :slight_smile:



Best of luck…and btw. i dont think you need any!!!


if there was a greatest thread ever award . it belongs to this thread


:buttrock: :buttrock: TUTORIAL!! pLEASE:buttrock: :buttrock:


Great work!!!


All I can say is that it’s true Blizzard style. If you do not get hired by Blizzard or some other company of badassness then it will be a great injustice both to you and the gaming community for lack of such CG skills put to use in cinematics to drive the story forward.

Good luck man.


Damn! :kickass: :wink:


Wow, inspiring work. Just when I think I am getting somewhere with this CG game someone like you comes along and puts me in my place!! Good luck with your job application.:applause: :applause:


Damn man that is fekkin excellent work…

and that gun is fantastic…

i can just picture it it firing in a rotating manner.




Reminds me of Warhammer 40k Space Marine


You are THE GODLIKE, very nice work bro. Brazilians´ 3D works very pleased for you…me too.

Visists sometimes thats Marcelo Souza forum (

I hope see yuor post said that “I work now at Blizzard!!”…

Thanks man, for to be brazilian…hehehhee

Sorry my bad english.


MMMMMMMONSTER modeling miracle!!! wow! :applause:


Why does this only have 4 stars…I hate down voting A-holes… :shame:


That is totally awesome!!! I give you 5 thumbs up!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: You have sparked a new interest in me. I think blizzard should hire you. If I were head of Blizzard you would definately be hired right on the spot. I love the design and your gun design is just completely awesome. That is definately Blizzard material, maybe they’ll use it for Starcraft II, or if not maybe a Starcraft expansion. Either way you are one heck of a modeler. Grats and continue with the great work. I’d love to see what other things you have done.


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

Best thing i’ve EVER seen!

1 very small comment though… I didnt notice this myself, but when i showed this thread to a friend he said his ear looked a bit ‘out of place’… its located a bit weird… should be moved a little to the front of the head I (we) think…

Anyway, KICKASS work!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


If Blizzard doesn’t hire you, its because Hell froze over! Dude, thats some really great work. Extremely professional, in my opinion. I can only hope to someday reach this level of expertise. Best of luck and stay at it, you’ll get there.
Btw, you going to the Game Developers Conference, by chance? Blizzard and everyone else will be there. They’d be pleased to see your work, all of them.


Originally posted by fausto
[B]Hi! I’m doing this mariner to try get a job on Blizzard Entertainment… I know thats will not be easy, but I have a lot of hope (hint)… animation coming soon…

I have used my hand as model first, than I made the changes to appear stronger…

On the face, I will put the eyebrows, eyelashes and the tongue… I made some morph tests… [/B]

If you don’t get Hired at Blizzard, let me know and I will get you a job in in a different Bay Area Video game companies :slight_smile:

And don’t worry, Im not a recruiter Leech -


wow man, u blow me away…nothing more io can say:)


this thread keeps getting a lot of feedback, as it should for the quality of this piece. I only with the characters would be this high poly.