New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


That Was Amazing Pal’ Surely Blizzard Will Going To Hire U Soon’ Just Hope N Wait
I Can See U Have So Much Talent To Do 3-d Stuff, Man I Like Marine Troopers In That Starcraft Games’



The reason that I never came back to this thread is because I would never imagined that you guys could be still interested on this particular work… as DDS says, is really old already… but I’d like to say many thanks for everybody for the support and the nice words, and I feel really proud with the fact that you guys stil look to this thread.
The reason that I’ve been away from cgtalk and other forums is because I’m working in USA, and I have wife and 2 kids… so, lately I didn’t make too many personal projects… I’ve been studying zbrush on my spare time… You can see this WIP:

Well, thanks a lot for the interest on my work, and I promisse that when I have some work to show, I’ll post here.

See ya!

Fausto De Martini.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Good job man.

Good luck in the future!


for ***new mariner design to Blizzard character***[color=pink]very great modelling and texturing…textures are really perfect.[/color]
all elements in your work are amazing:) …looking super[color=pink]*CONGRATULATION!!!:thumbsup: [/color]

additionally…your last ***z-brush wip model*** is going nice!!


I love this thread and I dont care if he visits very little. It should inspire everyone that if you want it you can do it.


I would really like to see all of the pictures in the start of this thread !!

please :wink:

looks really nice on the only picture that is still working


Here’s the pose:

Here’s the whole set of pictures:


Wow this are really nice, I never seen those before and that was dated 2003? it looks like the character for the Unreal Tournament 2007 demo, but damn good thoe, one day I’ll get there


Woah man!!:scream: Thats one hell of a character! So where you working now?


Hey, isn’t your marine on the box of ASUSTeK’s EAX1800 XT?


Yes ,I like it. you modeling very nice ! And your hue is very nice!
You are very fineness animator !I believe you will succeed!
I will for it 5 stars!
Go on!


Hey there!

Thanks a lot for the words guys! Yes, I licensed the Marine image to be used on the new ASUS box covers.

See ya!


Perfect, because I found accidentally this thread searching for MESHSMOOTH problems, and found your work and your NAME… inmediately I searched your name in google… I saw your portfolio, PERFECT MAN! U DESERVE MORE WORDS BUT I DON T HAVE!!! Incredible!!!
I´m from Argentina, and I want to 3Ding like YOU!

DISSAPOINTED, because your work make me feel that I NEVER will do something like that !!! Im 32 years old, and I feel that I must born again!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers from Argentina!!! GOOD LUCK!!!



Hey kpi,

Nice to hear from Argentina!! Really close to Brazil, where I come from!
Thanks a lot for your words! I’m very glad!!

And never say never :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure that your work is great!!

Take care,



was looking for new GPU when i saw this

im glad it got somewhere!

congrats! :slight_smile:


I worked at Blizzard Console on Starcraft Ghost. I wish you the very best! Good Job!

This Is so Sweet! Great work again!


Hey, Fausto!

Beautiful work!!

Good lock!


great to work! Nice pic! amazing ! :thumbsup:

Pic for Video Card!!! ->


I’m so impressed and honored for having people still replying to this thread!! Much appreciated.

I don’t know if you guys have seen this, but I put up a website with some of my works:

Hope you guys like it!

Thanks a lot!



Hi Fausto.yours to work it is excellent! Taste your Web! Nice!