New Man of Vitruve, eric scala (2D)


From Ze Zanta Claus


Wowowwwww, Eric, well now you don’t even know how honored I am by that buddy!!!amazing!:thumbsup::love::smiley:
I saw the panda!!!Et la capitain est sacrément touché aussi!!
Love the way you’ve intergrated the character right now!Very painterly.
Love that traditional feeling you got in your works!
That Vitruve santa also rock’s!!!5*
Cheers Eric!!!Wish you and the ones you love an amazing xmas and new year!


Lovely work, I keep your portfolio in favourites so I can check e whenever I want to. Love how you put things on paper. :thumbsup:

And btw, did you know that a very early deity in the mediterranean regions was the janus deity. One of furtility and wealth, later depicted as the two headed god, one head watching the past and one the future. Other names being Geneva and Gehenna(sp?). The legendary Gehenna battlegrounds where the last battle of the Angels is fought. Hehe, just thought it 'd be fun to know in respect. :stuck_out_tongue: (and no I’m not fat lol)


Thanks again Okmer, may be we could do something together once.

Thanks too Jan I didn’t remember that god with 2 heads , Merry Xmas




Creative idea, and very true, as our society gets more comfortable, as things are getting done for us, we become more lazy, and the result is: we gain weight! The future will be interesting where 1/2 of population will be fat, 1/2 will be starving…


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