New Man of Vitruve, eric scala (2D)


Title: New Man of Vitruve
Name: eric scala
Country: France
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Everybody know the man of Vitruve of Leonardo da vinci , but the oldest masterpiece is the Venus of Lespugue discovered in 1922(24 000 years BP).

The question is ; "If Leonardo knew that masterpiece did he change is Man of Vitruve "

Critics are welcome


Here they are I’m quite sure everybody know the man of Vitruve drawn by Leonard de Vinci , but probably there’s less people who knows the Venus of Lespugue.


Hello Eric :slight_smile:
I like the presentation a lot, half-sketch, half-color. Ca me fait penser à un carnet de voyage, et le décalage entre étude sérieuse des proportions et humour dans le look de la bête me plaît beaucoup :slight_smile:

C’est le butcher qui a fait cette étude ? :wink:

  • I must improve my english :confused: *



Thanks a lot , je crois que c’est l’étiquette de la bouteille de vin qui m’a fait penser au côté parchemin de là retrouver mes amours pour le grand Léonard et Hop .
Il va quant même falloir mettre un peu d’ordre dans tout ça que Diable…
Conratulations for your work .
Some more please…on the last days you and Nick Harris had the power to make me feel good , thanks .


You’re always really creative and this is beautifully presented Eric. Stop being so darned fast will you though . hmmmmmmmm!


Very well done! (You were right… I like it!!!)
"If Leonardo knew that masterpiece did he change is Man of Vitruve "

The Vitruvian Man is all about an ideal… “perfect proptions” where man is the perfect measurement for everything (or so I was told :wise: )

If your man has the perfect proportions, I would think architecture would have developed very differently :shrug:

I think the real question is:

Was Le Corbusier influenced by the Venus of Lespugue???


Love it, Scala~! Very thought provoking idea … :wink:



ha ha, this is very nice. I like it.



1 week without viewing cgtalk gallery, 3 new post from Scala, 3 nice interpreted characters …
How many wacom pen did you burn ? :wink:
Great piece as usual, it seems your brain is full of idea :wink: I want scala’s brain :wink:
Your KB is really good and SSeagal ( my master ) interpretation is so… real !

Nice job,

keep’on !



Dear Nickillus as I am in research time , I’m drawing more than usual my sketch book are full. Patrice told me you are looking for a book of JB Monge , may be I could find it for you .

Dear Leonardo did I tell you or not that you gonna be interested by that , as Venus was discovered in 1922 there’s a possibility that some artists and architects were influenced by .

Daffydd still happy you like that .

Thanks ruben .

Hey Morgan what’s up it’s a long time since you post , don(t you think it could be a good start for an uchronie If leonardo did that kind of man…

Thanks U all for the comments.


Great starting point for an uchronie of course :wink:
No more news about me, however you could check 2dartistmag’s december issue where you could find an interview of me :wink:

keep wacom’n



Love it! People have been too frugal on the star giving.


haha! Awesome idea! :thumbsup:


Thanks Richard some comments are better than stars.Your tremors creature : terquedai looks like a jewel .
Thanks Magdalena congratulation for your work (I hope zbrush is gonna make the mac version soon(. Anyway I like the fact that you are able to do the tribute to Richard McDonald and as well the funny dude.

Mgn I knew for the interview …Congratulations


Hey! lets not make this about me! :slight_smile: Thank you, I apreciate the comment. Your right about the comments being worth more.


Hey Richard what I meant with "terquedai looks like a jewel "was that you could make a jewel from that…don’t you think. Kind of egyptinan one.


you certainly could.

It appeared only in tiny fast moving hoards on screen and was over textured for what it was used for, but definately could have been a good start on a jewel design. Wish I knew who the designer was.


Excellent Eric loveit!!Very subtile with lots of humor!The venus of Leonardo!héhé.Maybe if you erase the borders a bit of the colored pic to the right it will be more intergrated.Just a suggestion ofcourse as it rocks and your work rocks!Donc voila,one more chapeau bas buddy!!!Hoppa hoppa, dont stoppa!Cheers!


Thanks Okmer I was wondering between either a shadow or erase , erase got the possibility to integrate more and give may be a "Grotte de Lascaux " effect I’m gonna try and let you know before the end of the day.

Have you seen the poster of Kung fu Panda ?


Help by the reaction of Okmer . Here is a new version , you can also find a tribute to captain Panda. Thanks Okmer hope you like it that way