New MagicSquire 7 reinvents Brush Groups in Photoshop - group textures, filter by kind, scale UI, use with HUD, more



NEW! Assign Background Image to Groups. Enhance the appearance of your groups. Assign and apply Tile, Scale or Monochrome effect for seamless group display. Also new group colors: Electric Blue and Khaki.

NEW! Stroke Thumbnail Color: 1-click color picking with 9 predefined colors (or yours), harmoniously working with all Photoshop color themes and group colors.

NEW! Combine Background Images and quick Stroke Colors for stunning beautiful themes of your Brush presentation

NEW! Filter/Search by Kind - quickly switch between Brushes, Erasers, Blurs, etc.

NEW! Quick Favorites - access frequently used tools by adding to Favorites with right-click, and quickly filter them with the Heart button

NEW! Truly Scalable UI - scale Brush Controls, Text, and Image Strokes for improved accessibility, with fine-tuning via Thumbnail Scaler and Text Size checkbox.

NEW! Direct import of Photoshop Brushes into MagicSquire from fly-out menu

Workarounded Photoshop spring-loaded tools problem where tools were reverting back

Updated framework for much faster redraws of groups

Full 2023 support


Upgrade MagicSquire to version 7.0

Read more about MagicSquire, the advanced Photoshop Brush Group Manager