New Mac pros ?


any one have any idea when the new mac pros are coming?


The NAB conference runs from April 6th to 11th in Las Vegas. Rumor has it that’s the absolute soonest we’ll hear an announcement. If announced I suspect they may not be available for several months since we’re still waiting on Intel for the latest processors. The Mac Pro has been completely unavailable in Europe for nearly two weeks now. Final Cut X has apparently been updated to the point where it’s suited for a pro environment with pro hardware. The Nvidia Quadro K5000 and the AMD Radeon 7950 are both currently available and will hopefully be built-to-order options. Beyond that I think everything’s still pretty tightly under wraps.



dam it, driven me nuts need to get a beefier comp i have an 8 core but im getting more work an need more power to render jobs out an would rather not have to use render farms as little as possible. might have no choice but to get a custom PC as a render slave.


I spoke to someone with knowledge of this stuff and based on his guarded hints, I don’t think we’ll see anything before summer. He said that Tim Cook’s “Spring Mac Pros” were not a reality. I think it’s coming out with OS X 10.9, which is coming around July I think. That has OpenGL 4.1 in it, so I’m guessing they’ll try and play up the whole pro thing with the new OS and Mac Pros in one shot


A lot of studios are faced with this exact conundrum. Apple has put a lot of people in a tough spot here and I hope they make the wait worthwhile. It’s certainly going to be a make-or-break announcement for us, and it may be too little, too late. We’re waiting regardless.

Any idea how far off the Haswell architecture is? I could see an announcement next week, maybe even a ‘base’ model available for order by summer, and a Haswell model later this year. That’s probably too optimistic, but hell, it’s been over 2.5 years since the last (arguably) worthwhile update. What’s another few months.


Mac pros didn’t get an upgrade since intel introduced the big 2011 pin socket and went above 100 W TDP for their xeons. So either one or both factors prevented an update with those specs for the current form factor.

Rumor is intel will anounce 22 nm Xeons in the 3. quarter, go figure…


this really sucks since dell or HP cant make a decent workstation to save there life and boxx i think is over price for no good reason to top it off nothing in the way of a 12month payment plan all they have is super high interest leasing you end up paying 10k on a 3k comp an thats the base model. Main Gear is not to bad but same leasing BS. New egg has a decent 12 month no pay no interest thing going. but from what i have researched on cases all of them look like an alien threw up an what was left was these lame looking cases. Ive seen kids design better looking products. If Im going to pay like 5k for a comp should at least look solid an have a nice design appeal, I saw a modular PC case looked like blocks of C4 attached to it some have more vents than a B2 bomber an more light than a mech. Feel most comps are made for 15yrs playing MW3 24hrs a day. Meh but that jus me lol


well, HP’s Z820 is nice but loud. And expensive because it has an on-site warranty. Anyway, I suggested you make a headless Linux box to help out with renders until summer. I’ll be writing a full review of the Mac Pro for Ars Technica, when it comes out.

I have a Hackintosh machine running as well (based loosely on this: ) because I needed another one but I don’t really recommend it. It’s flaky as hell and that Gigabyte motherboard is a piece of shit.


yea im really close to jus make a linux box an call it a day on it don’t have time for this my 8 core is decent for render but for animation work im getting jus not going to cut it


There’s really no reason not to just build your own rendering machine, folks. It’s cheaper, you get more bang for your buck, and you can still use your main Mac as the workstation. You don’t need to spend gobs of money to get great speed and efficiency from a rendering station. Don’t let anyone lock you into brand loyalty - it’s all about results.

@thehive: I’m getting killer rendertimes from a workstation using the new NZXT Switch 810 case - which makes a great case for being the best case ever built, really. It’s amazing, and very classy to behold, as well. Gunmetal gray, baby!

And in case nobody’s seen these, yet… GPU slave systems, through PCIe 3.0:

(so overpriced as to make everyone else seem cheap!)


Ha! what was i thinking i should just by 20 cases O_o


Hah haa! Well, I meant to respond directly to your statement about all the zany gaming cases you see out there. A lot of people like the Mac Pro cases for obvious reasons, but as an alternative here’s the gunmetal Switch 810 I was referring to:

And an exploded view:

This case dropped my temps down 12° C right off the bat, allowing some nice thermal headroom even before switching over to a full liquid cooling solution for the hot summer. Clocking up past 5GHz makes for some sweet rendertimes, which I guess was my point! :slight_smile:


oh i thought you were joking around to just buy a case and see my render times go down lol,

but yea i know a lot of people like those gaming machines, jus wanted to get something clean an simple but i looked at the NZXT cases not too shabby if i do get a Linux box might just get one of those. Thanks


if you go with a Linux slave, make sure you get a recent nightly build of V-Ray, which does automatic transfer of asssets between platforms.


will do thanks, do i have to do anything special to get the mac to see the Linux box or just point the lic to the host ip and its a done deal?


you don’t have to license slaves. Just make sure you enable it as a service when you install or it will have to be manually launched after. Just enter the IP of the slave machine in the DR settings and it will take care of the rest. Just make sure to open the firewall port on your Linux machine.


sweet deal thanks man, really appreciate it


I have been hovering above the BUY button for 2-3 render nodes for a couple of months now. Here is a list i found that mirrors my wishlist. all of this is about $900 -$1100 per node, which looks cheep for Core i7 6core/12 thread.

anyone have a better parts list?

Dont think about waiting till the next Intel gen. These are for TODAY. Buy what you need, when you need it, tomarow will always be faster.


I bought a couple of these cases because they are stackable and don`t look like alien spaceship rubble:


ryanduff: i priced out a dual i7 6 core on newegg for around 2k with 32gb ram im might go with in the next week or so