New Mac Pro!


Apple finally announced the new system and both Redshift and Otoy are hard at work bringing their renderers to AMD GPUS. Can’t wait to upgrade!


During the keynote they repeatedly mentioned 3D animation and rendering, not just video editing. Makes me hopeful that a real solution applicable to this crowd will soon be at hand.


$6000 for an 8 core xeon with a 580x and 256 GB ssd seems steep to me.

But great news about Redshift. I knew Maxon had a plan if they bought them.

Otoy says they are working on it… but I’m more hopeful for Redshift now.


it looks like a great machine but good lord they know how to price gouge with low end components. $6k for the base 8 core cpu and 256gb ssd model. That’s a $1000 machine minus the fancy case and 1.6kw psu. They haven’t announced pricing from what I can see, but I’ll guess that a specced out version will be north of $15k.

Great that the mac users finally have a machine worth using for 3D, but unless you’re going to kit it out, you may as well stick with an imac.


Best news is it is expandable again! The base seems very solid and could probably last for many many years, so you can gradually upgrade and enhance the specs if you need to. No need to max it out when you buy it.

Great to see Maxon is already supporting this and with Octane and Redshift coming to metal the Mac is finally not doomed anymore.



would be a nice computer if it was not so overpriced. Mac used to be “just” twice the price of a PC. But on the other hand It will be like a super sports car. I will turn my head and have a look when I see one :slight_smile:


I would caution folks on assuming that Octane or Redshift will be operational and performant on AMD any time real soon.

I think the AfterBurner ASIC chip is perhaps the most interesting feature. Such a card has potential beyond the featured RED codec mashing. (I do have to mention that I predicted such a chip on the MPro 6 months ago :sunglasses: )

Pricing is just laughable. $999 for just the monitor stand (!), which is sold separately.


end of the year as it seems…

‘Tapping into the amazing performance of the new Mac Pro, we’re excited to develop Redshift for Metal, and we’re working with Apple to bring an optimized version to the Mac Pro for the first time by the end of the year. We’re also actively developing Metal support for Cinema 4D, which will provide our Mac users with accelerated workflows for the most complex content creation. The new Mac Pro graphics architecture is incredibly powerful and is the best system to run Cinema 4D.’ - David McGavran, CEO, Maxon


This appear to mean that Prorender is a dead end, Redshift is the future C4D render even if it will continue to exists as a plugin to other applications.

Just like what is Arnold for Autodesk and 3dsMax/Maya and also a plugin for C4D and others.


If Maxon/Redshift can pull it off that could be something.

Metal might ultimately tap into the ASIC Afterburner, and that could translate to insane rendering speed.

ASICs killed off GPU for bitcoin mining…in dedicated tasks they are devastatingly performant. The challenge is to adapt ASIC. It’s tougher even than GPU programming.

Maxon should demand that Apple send them some extra Metal software engineers–and some CASH. The German company could end up helping save Apple from content creator desertion.

c4d will likely become a regularly featured product at Mac shows.


The high profile that C4D appear to have in this for me it means that Apple certainly went knock at Maxon door.


At those prices I guess I will need to enjoy one vicariously through you guys!


i agree pricing is again ridiculous… i wonder how much a properly specd version costs. the pricing for the display is even more insane, i mean cmon, 1k for the f… stand???


Anyone want to buy a used iMac from 2017?

Guess I gotta build a PC.


…but it has those sexy metal handlegs!


Yeah, the pricing for that monitor and stand is ludicrous. I’m an Apple fan, not an idiot. Having said that, I’m partially an idiot cos I will spring for a decent-spec Mac Pro – but at least I can then upgrade down the line. The price to pay for loving macOS, I guess.


The price is high compared to a build-your own system with off the shelf components, but I would be willing to bet this machine will outlast those. My 10-year old Mac Pro is still pretty capable, whereas the cheap-o build it PC’s tend to only see about 3-5 years of useful life (some exceptions exist, of course).

I’ll probably get one too, because I vastly prefer the OS, its just more efficient from a workflow perspective for me, and has a fit and finish to it that make it more enjoyable to look at / use, and given that i spend more time in my waking hours looking at a computer screen than just about anything else, that fit finish matters to me.

The display price is a bit out of reach, though it apparently specs against $40K reference monitors, so for that crowd, it seems to be a bargain, but I’m not in that particular group


I did a bit of investigation on the AfterBurner option for the new Mac Pro.

The AfterBurner isn’t exactly an ASIC, but something akin to it…a FPGA. FPGA is more versatile than ASIC. I did see that some folks have explored using an FPGA for 3d rendering.

I won’t be in the market for the MacPro, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar cards/modules available at some point on PCs.

Apple has a poor track record in low level API optimizations, but if they could ever get the AfterBurner integrated into Metal then I suspect it could be transformative for products like FCP, Motion* and maybe third party products like c4d.

Apple Motion, seemingly abandoned, is purportedly poised for new upgrade release. (Can’t confirm this yet)


6K for $6K…

I’m just hoping that the Redshift Metal shenanigans doesn’t slow down the development of 3.0, which I have a feeling it will. This might be the first big case of the new parents setting a direction for the software that the devs weren’t originally planning to explore.


I was waiting for this and was tossing up between getting a PC built ( like Greyscale Gorilla) and seeing how this went. I am tempted with the caveat of waiting for pricing. I have spent a lot of money on my Macs but they last years and years and seem to just keep on going. So thats a plus. Also I can update as I go along.

As for the monitor, their is a market for very high end monitors capable of what this will be able to do. I don’t see them flying out of the door though but this seems like a fairly amazing monitor for colour critical work, such as retouching grading etc. Still it’s a mad price if you compare it to a run of the mill monitor.