New Mac Pro & Cinema 4D


I know the new Mac Pro is a source of incredible controversy. I’m hoping to keep this thread somewhat civilized. Yes, some people are deriding the machine. Yes, it looks like a trash can.

I’m a long-time Mac user. There’s no hope of my changing to PC at this point. I’m running a very early Mac Pro (2,1), and it’s not cutting it anymore, so, I am most definitely going to make an investment in the new Mac Pro.

I do design and motion graphics for a living, using Cinema 4D and After Effects in conjunction. are any users here looking at the new Mac Pro? What configuration would be the sweet spot of price/performance for motion graphics and 3D?

Thoughts? (Thoughts outside of flaming me for even thinking about buying an overpriced trash bin?)


You’ll get no derision from me. I feel exactly as you do. My thoughts on the matter of what config to buy are always to get the fastest processor specs you can afford, and leave user upgradeable stuff (like RAM) to companies other than Apple, so you can get it cheaper. The more powerful your rig, the longer it will remain relevant.

Having said that, I am looking into OWC’s turnkey processor upgrade for my old Mac Pro (2010) as a more cost effective means of keeping my current machine relevant at least long enough to allow a rev B or C iteration of this new design to come to fruition with fewer bugs (there’s always bugs in any company’s rev A hardware).


Hmmm, I haven’t heard of that processor upgrade option. That looks like a good plan, I too would like to hold off until the next iteration. I’m not going back to Windows land, just got a new Macbook Pro and I love it. Lighter and quieter than my previous model and faster than my present MacPro (probably a 2010, am out of town and can’t remember the year).


I personally think this to be a very sensible choice too as Apple has a long history of correcting a bunch of stuff on their second/third generation models of any major new hardware. We’re due a bunch of new Macs at the studio but have put off the decision for at least 6 months on this basis. One of the core weaknesses (from a personal perspective) of the current Mac Pro is that it only comes with AMD options which makes it useless for the wealth of usable GPU rendering options that are beginning to show some promise. Why Apple can’t offer both Nvidia and AMD options at any particular time is beyond me but that’s how they’ve always rolled.

To caveat those last comments the AMD FirePro’s seem to be great performers on video stuff so your After Effects/Premier/FCP workflows would benefit greatly with the new hardware.



You will have to set priorities, especially regarding the choice between optimization for viewport speed or render speed.
The lower the core count the higher the single core speed and vice versa. Since the single core speed is one of the main factors that determine viewport speed.
The 4 Core 3.7 GHz base system will very likely be about 20-40% faster in the editor than the top of the line 12 core @ 2.7GHz. Of course the 12 core will smoke the 4 core when it comes to rendering.
You decide.


For those interested in the processor upgrade I spoke of earlier, here is a link:


Yes, that’s what I’ve been reading. Being the 12-core will most likely be out of my price range, I’m thinking the 6-core or 8-core…


Thanks for posting that link, amazingly I couldn’t find it by a search on their site. Definitely looks tempting.


6 or 8 core will be my choice too. With some extra rendernodes, rendering will be fast enough. I plan to go 1TB SSD like in my current setup, not sure if the Fusiondrive will recognise fast enough what big project you’re working on.
But with only 3 tuesdays to come this year, it should arrive tommorow I think?
Exact CTO configurations and some proper CB R15 scores will be neccesary before I can make the decision.
I seriously considered the iMac i7 3.5ghz an option, but the Mac Pro will be more futureproof I think and better GPU for C4D I think.



I have decided to buy the 4-Core and add 4-6 i5 PC´s With Win7 as Teamrender Clients. This will make a good workstation plus external cheap Renderpower.


Anyone experienced with or considering the hackintosh route? I think about this more and more
but also concerned with reliability. I’ve heard some say that they’ve had no problems whatsoever, while others have said just the opposite.

I am leaning towards a Mac Pro overall until I can be convinced otherwise, as crazy expensive as it is (if its loaded).


This upgrade looks very useful indeed.

Top spot.



I had a friend who built a Hackintosh system. Every few weeks or so he has to make BIOS changes… this was awhile back, but the whole issue was tied to the need to emulate EFI. My takeaway was that it’s a cool thing for a computer hobbyist to do, and if you like tinkering, you’ll have many opportunities, but, I would never employ one in a creative pipeline…


This. I have enough trouble getting plugin packages to cooperate with each other and not crash. This would be a nightmare.


I have 18 Hackintosh nodes running OSX 10.6.8 and r14. The only issues I’ve run into so far are with TurbulenceFD. It seems to take down all of the Hackintosh NET clients, but actual Macs and PCs are fine with TFD. (Quad-i7 Sandybridge procs) Not sure why it doesn’t play well, but so far, that’s the only issue I have had with Hackintosh. These are render-only machines that I VNC into, so I haven’t used one as a production machine.



I came to this forum attempting to figure this issue out…
I’ve been approved to max this baby out when it comes out, but are GPU render solutions the answer? Will going with this Mac Pro be the wrong path?
I haven’t had a chance to really give iRay or Octane A thorough chance to prove its self a solution. Or maybe TeamRender will be more refine in R16(hope 15.5)
I would guess that going from a 16 thread 2009 to a 24 thread 2013 will be a worth wild improvement, but the GPU scene is really creeping up fast.



In default of a soul the devil puts up with a fly…:bounce:


New custom configuration numbers in from macrumors: Link


Obligatory post about how for the same money you can get a PC with 24 actual processors, 48 threads and 96 gigs of RAM. Plus your choice of Nvidia GPU. And massive expandability via the novel “computer case” concept.

Also about how Windows sucks in so many ways compared to OS X. But that mavericks took several steps backward and is becoming more Windows/iOS-dumbed-down all the time.

Rant about the 16-core machine I built being a good trade off of single core speed and multi core rendering speed.

Comment about the new $7000 Mac Pro likely scoring very similarly (though higher, just not as much higher as you’d think) to the 2010 Mac Pro for actual rendering.

Mention my 6k machine’s 28 cinebench score (R11.5) or 2500 (R15)

That about sums it up for me.


Obligatory yawn.