New Mac (iMac Pro) but my C4D files will not open...


Ok, so I jumped in on a new iMac Pro. I installed R19 studio like on my previous Mac. My Previous Mac runs Sierra, the iMac Pro High Sierra.

When I try to open a scene that I made last week on my previous Mac I get this popup:

Reference /Users/myname/myfolder not found. Would you like to pick another Reference? Yes / No

I have no clue what to do. Only way out is a force quit. What’s up with this Reference thnig? Never saw that before.

I can open a scenefile from the contentbrowser without a problem.

Thanks odo


IT sounds like youre trying to open a shortcut to the file, not the file itself.


Thanks, but it most certainly is not a shortcut but an actual C4D file (300 mb).

I just tried another file from the same project and that did open. So maybe something went wrong with copying some files. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on.



I made a fresh copy of the file (project with all assets and opened that on my iMac pro. Same story. Reference nof found and when I point the reference to the C4D file agaian I get thi message:

filexxx.c4d is not a valid LBW file.

So that gave me a clue LBW is pointing to Laubwerk. I reinstalled the plugin and now it’s ok again



how’s the iMac pro and what spec did you go for?


I got the 10 core with Vega 64 + 2TB SSD and 64 Ram. First impression is great, but was not able to really test it. The scenefiles (large scale landscapes with lots of trees etc) that previously were almost impossible to work with are smooth now!



Out of curiosity, what was (is) your previous Mac? Just curious what you’re able to personally compare to the performance of the new iMP.