NEW LOOK of this site. Do you like it?






I think I’ll like the change more after the font is adjusted… that’s my only complaint.


The horizontal format of portfolio thumbnails cut off vertical images. I liked the previous mosaic portfolio display. It showed complete images. I’d rather the images were visible.

Accumulated views were nice , too. That let’s you know exposure and popularity. I imagine that can give you direction to follow or for improvement or development.

The arrangement seems to leave potential viewers and artists who are looking to improve in the field a little bit in the dark.

This site as an expose would be my idea. At the moment, it seems to obscure some helpful things.


Here are the missing ones from my bookmarks:


Thanks this is super helpful we were able to fix the archive issue as well as the 30 days but some of the post counts still seem to be missing let us check it out today and get back. Thanks for linking these


Where can I now find my/someone else’s forum activity, i.e. recent posts and created topics?


Really good question. And who is connected, and how to preview a post you are writing, and how to go directly to the last post of a long thead (for posts about 5+ pages it can be eternal), and…
I don’t mind at all the forum’s look; I care about its functionality. And, as it is now, I don’t like it at all.

Btw, your posted links above still return error for me.


Ok. I’ve found how to go diirectly to the ‘last reply’. Bingo!


**1. There is a show preview button in the lower right corner of the reply box. We are pushing a few updates tonight so it may not currently be working. Will update this thread accordingly. **

**2. At the moment all activity is through search.

If you search for an artist or user you will find all their info there, from the latest reply , to art, or post. This is something that currently requires an extra step so a future update will move this to the user avatar so you can go directly to it.**

keep in mind the goal for this site is to continuously provide updated developments so the feedback helps. presently we are working to address a lot of these issues so this week you will see several updates. Just post here for anything that you have a question on or request as we actively check it


Working on recovering these threads for you.

FYI for anyone wanting to navigate the thread there is a bar on your right.

click on the date at the top to go to the first post
click on the time or date on the bottom to go to the end of the thread
click anywhere on the bar to jump to anything in between
on mobile there is page count at the bottom right


are these random posts or post in a particular thread or category? can you post what forum category they were posted in?


Most of them are from this subforum (i.e. 3dsMax SDK and MaxScript).


I want to report a bug with some of my first post in some of my old threads.

The old formated post are not displayed properly. They looks like this:


         Easy Peel will help you with UV-mapping your geometry easier and faster. 
         It works directly with Edhtable Poly objects, allowing you to get full advantage of its many geometry selection features.
          [left] - works Editable Poly object and Edit Poly modifier. [/left]
        [left] - unwrap to arbitrary map channel.
 - hotkeys to quiclky mark, unmark and select edges. Unwrap with Pack On and unwrap with Pack Off.
  - can extract the UVs from objects, that are not unwrapped with Easy Peel
  - can performs Auto Relax of unwraped UVs
         Script idea - Hristo Dinev.

Link to the thread(the first post): miauu's Script Pack vol.2

Bug 02 - the old way to display youtube videos inside the post not works. All i see is the link to the video.

Do I have to fix this manually or it will be fixed automatically when you finish updating the forum?


Not at all.
What you get searching for an user’s nickname are the posts where his name is written.
We absolutely need to know how many posts the user has posted (and access to these posts) and how many threads the user has started (and access to these threads).
You know, it’s not the same to get an answer from a user that has 1.000 posts than from a new one. And, at least equaly important, it’s not the same to give help to some people that never help than to someone who expend his time helping the others.
Information from users, clear, quick and real, is a basic need in any forum.

P.S.: I still can’t find the preview icon. :telescope:


All very Valid points this is something we need to speak with the team about and make sure to update. i.e. reputation

Will check back and update you in a few hours on these issues andres and miauu

thank you


I am geting quite often this error mesage: “Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.”.


I have login isssues. ı can not login from forums. I have to login from cgsociety main site…


Could you tell us what browser you are using? We will try to figure out whats happening