NEW LOOK of this site. Do you like it?


My first impression - some threads and many posts are missed. Or is it just seems to me?

Where did the information about the forum participants disappear? (first of all the history of participation)


I don’t know why they went live with an incomplete website when the old one was fine, but I think they are updating it in chunks and lots of things have yet to be reconnected.


Updated because the previous software was built on outdated vBulletin which no longer meats security standards or upgradability This same hacking of the old software with multiple databases means we were unable to migrate to a test site prior to launch the way you normally would so we are here to address any issues you run into.

If you notice any post or areas are missing please just let us know and we will make sure they are reconnected we anticipate about a week of bug fixing but it should be taken care of quickly if you give us a heads up


I remember my threads and posts at least:

MSE again - was pretty long discussion with many participents, now there are only to replays

Exporting animations as JSON blobs from Max - i gave an answer and suggestion on this thread… there is no them any more

it was a poll about “Currently using 3DS MAX version” - it’s gone

Search is not working. I couldn’t find Advanced Search.

Users Statistics and History are gone


we have some disconected threads in the migration process that should be repaired tonight this looks like it may be the issue

your search is not working?


No. The search doesn’t work for me, or I couldn’t find the right way to do it. Also I don’t see an option of Advanced Search at all


I’m fine with the general updated look, but the font looks unbearable and unreadble for me
Is there any chance that it can be adjusted ( except using browser side tools )?


looks like Red team gone to Blue team…

As long as pasting in a pic or video is not a PITA…then fine by me…


Do you like it?

I acknowledge the amount of work that went into this transition of the old forum to the new. I’ve been there myself a decade or so ago and we back then where unable to move the old database into the new one and that wasn’t for lack of trying.

But nope, not liking it. It’s a typical F* desktops design favoring the mobile phone menace.
On a 27 inch (68.5CM) monitor I’m looking at 18 cm wide content with an absolute tiny TINY! font. Why, with all the device detection options available today and the ability to write different CSS for said devices, am I looking on a desktop at a mobile phone design?

Or is that maybe still on its way?


All the post from last four weeks are missing, yes, I’ve replied to a few of the missing ones, even yesterday.

What exactly was migrated and what wasn’t? For example, if you look at the link at the end of this thread, all I get is an Oops page.

As for the looks department, I miss stuff from the old forum design - I miss seeing the profile details on the left (sometimes, the full name is much more familiar to me than the nickname), I miss seeing the nicknames as thread authors/last replies in the thread listing (bunch of avatars where the majority are single letters on colored background just doesn’t do the trick to me…) and I don’t really care to see ‘frequent posters to the thread’, ‘popular links in the thread’ etc - but maybe that’s just me…


Guess that everybody already noticed that the links from google search now lead nowhere.
My thread bookmarks now lead nowhere too.
No access to old threads + no advanced search == dead maxscript forum section.
No pages? Seriously?

I was about to parse this forum section, but it is too late now… :scream: (sad smiles not working too)
It is a disaster.


Yeah, most of my bookmarks to interesting posts and topics are broken now, though some of them redirect correctly… But for the ones that don’t, it’s a PITA since they are not available in either and who knows how long they will stay in google cache…


Reminds me of Discord. Lot of the links, even from the images on the home page don’t appear to be working for me.

Are there RSS feeds for the forum stuff?


Yes, both for threads and topics, this part is okay.


Great, thank you :slight_smile:


Hey guys here is feedback and updates

because of our database issues we couldnt test the whole site then migrate we had to migrate test fix. If you are patient everything will be up and running smoothly in a few days;)

Archive and google post are being fixed it is the forum software issue thats being addressed and should be working by end of the day.

Font we agree to small not great spacing. As it is a smaller issue it will be a few days but we will push a update when archive post and the missing post are fixed

missing post are an example of testing before launching. This was just a migration issue and should be fixed in the next day as well.

We are here this wasn’t meant to be a one time update some things we just need a bit of time and flexibility to fix so hang in there and sorry for the inconvenience

let us know what other issues you find and we will add it to the list to get on


nothing is lost its all backed up some links were just disconnected during migration will be back working shortly


I personally liked the old one more, but that´s just a meter of taste. The real problem is that it keeps crashing at the moment. Also hope, the threads that seems to be lost will be back.


it seems like I lost most of my private messages. At least I can’t find a way to access to all of them


Would someone like to check the missing post and post back. They should be re attached for you. If not please link to the missing post if you have a bookmark so we can investigate