New LightWave ad


I found this in the newest edition of CGW:

It’s good to see NewTek getting more agressive with its marketing. Hopefully this will be the start of a great new awareness campaign. LightWave has sat in the shadow of Maya and Max for far too long.

Thanks, NewTek!


Better advertising = more product awareness = more new users = more money which Newtek can devote to R&D innovation = :thumbsup: and :buttrock: for all of us.


:thumbsup: and :buttrock: indeed!


Very Nice. Good to see it. Looks very professional and says a lot too.


Yep nice Ad.

That last paragraph tells it like it is… :thumbsup:


i’m quite happy to see the straightforwardness of the copy. i’m happy to see that the ad communicates, somehow, the vision of newtek as a company, a vision that in many ways i agree with.


I like it too!


Great ad :beer:
I’m happy that Newtek is starting
this genre of campaign.

they have to make it grow and grow,
because before LOTR III comes out
people have to know about Lightwave power
and capabilities, for the obvious reason
that Alias/Wavefront will pump Maya 5 as ever
with the movie.

however the quality of the projects
Lw is involved is astonishing indeed!


That’s a very nice ad indeed, I especially like the straightforwardness of it.


That ad was in Computer Gaming World?


I agree - it’s a nice straightforward ad - says a lot without going over the top. Although, I appreciated the simplicity of the previous ad “The Joy of Six” which showed off Taron’s skills nicely- it was just a bit too simplistic.



Computer Graphics World - :slight_smile:


Ahhh…cool I was wondering why would they put it in a gaming mag.



Very sharp ad!

Not cheap & cheesy like it used to be. I like the look, the reference to “top effects houses”, and the personal focus. The one thing I would pick on is that IMO the logo is not visible enough and tends to get lost. It’s seems NewTek has learned how to market themselves.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Cool Ad!

Great balance between text and image…


really outstanding :buttrock:


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