New Lighting Reel 2013



Here’s my latest reel I put together end of February. It consists of a couple projects I did while taking the online lighting workshop at as well as a project I put together during February for the reel.

Thought I would post it here and see what everyone thinks of it. I’ve gotten some feedback on the reel from some other artists, mostly quick feedback so I’ll mention some notes I’ve gotten.

The break downs are too slow, I should speed those up, Also my reel requires more focus. I haven’t done a lot of lighting work at a studio, I’ve worked at an independent studio for a couple years mostly doing CG Generalist work (modeling, texturing, some FX, lighting) so I don’t have a lot of lighting work from a studio so my reel is kinda short, just personal projects mostly.

I hope to have more material in my reel next year, it would be nice to find a job at a studio this year so I can start building my reel more and push my skills even further. I hope to some day get my skills strong enough to work at studios like Blur or even animated feature film studios. I was given some advice on what I should focus my reel, areas I would like to get better in and focus on would be photo-realism and strong character lighting.

Anyways, enough back story, here’s my reel:

I feel this reel is the best example of my current skill level. I know a lot of areas I need to improve in, and I’m doing my best to improve but the biggest thing is I just need more practice. Still getting a feel for color and shaping.

Feedback is very welcome, Especially if you’re a professional lighter.

Thanks in advance


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