New in Cinema 4D Release 18


Hey Everyone,

We’ve produced a series of Cinema 4D R18 quickstart tutorials to coincide with MAXON’s announcement.


MoGraph Improvements
[li]Slice, Dice, and Julienne Objects with Voronoi Fracture
[/li][li]Eliminate Overlapping Clones with the Push Apart Effector
[/li][li]Honeycomb Array, Scale to Fit Polygons, and other MoGraph Cloner Enhancements
[/li][li]Reset MoGraph Cloners and Share Falloffs with the ReEffector
[/li][li]Artistically Control the Influence of Effectors with MoGraph Weighting

VFX Features
[li]Interactively Destroy objects with Voronoi Fracture
[/li][li]Add 3D Objects to Footage using the Object Tracker
[/li][li]Use Shadow Catcher to Create Alphas from Shadows for Easy Compositing

Modeling Improvements
[li]Cut Lines and Splines in Polygon Models with C4D’s Line Cut Tool
[/li][li]Insert Symmetrical Loops in Polygon Models with C4D’s Loop Cut Tool
[/li][li]Use OpenSubdiv Smoothing for Compatibility, Performance, and Flexibility
[/li][li]Create Repeated Offset Cuts with C4D’s Plane Cut Tool

Shading & Rendering
[li]Simulate Subsurface Effects and Worn Edges with Inverse Ambient Occlusion
[/li][li]Enhance the effect of Bump Maps using Parallax
[/li][li]Use C4D’s Thin Film Shader to Render Oily Surfaces and Bubbles
[/li][li]Random Graphic Textures with the Variation Shader Updates
[/li][li]View Enhancements: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Reflection Previews, & GPU Displacement

Learn What’s New in Cinema 4D R18

The Cineversity Team

Disclaimer: Although these tutorials and many others on Cineversity are free gifts to the community, some require premium membership to view.


All great useful additions to C4D. Especially the mograph features (finally more mograph!). Will be utilizing most of these tools almost immediately after installation. Cant wait!


Does support for substance materials in R18 mean you don’t need to rely on the substance plugin?

Other than that I’m impressed with this release. An upgraded viewport gets me excited, the mograph editions look nice, the fracturing looks great, and it looks like a lot of other things in there got some love.

Object tracking does have me excited. I don’t own dedicated tracking software, so camera and object tracking native in C4d is a pretty neat bonus for me.

I guess with new viewport options I need to look at upgrading my 5 year old GPU now. :wink:


The plugin that was available previously has been fully integrated with stability & usability enhancements. You don’t need the separate plugin - everything is built-in.


Awesome. That’s kick ass. R18 is going to be an exciting one for me. Maxon earned my MSA money for sure.


I have two questions:

  1. Does it work with Arnold ? The one before wasnt supported by it (One can only dream)

  2. When can we start downloading R18? :smiley: I have an MSA until march / april 2018.

Great release, cant wait to play!


Looks like a lot of very useful stuff in this release! Great job!


I don’t want to be a xx here but is that all? IMHO Maxon should do much more than this to close the ever growing gap between Maya and C4D.


Hi there,

haven’t seen anything about UDIM support? Does R18 support it?



No UDIM-specific additions to the best of my knowledge.


Maya in paper is miles better than C4D. Once you start using it, things change dramatically. Among a plethora of bugs, just to name the most recent one in my memory : in Maya Arnold isnt fully supported, it crashes a lot with MASH and doesnt update properly.

I can count the numbers of crashes in C4D in a month, with one hand.


THANK YOU for the external Mograph Cache support, with per-frame cache files.

  1. Does it work with Arnold ? The one before wasnt supported by it (One can only dream)

Also wondering if C4D is internally converting substance materials into a format that can be read by external render engines (though it sounds as though this wouldn’t be possible)


It creates à folder cache with all thé channels.
You can select a couple différent formats.


A hearty scoop, I’d say. Loving the mograph / shadow catcher / cutting features but most excited to see the extent of live voronoi… THANKS!


At first I was like “oh, neat”. Then I saw the demo and all of the options being edited on the fly and was very impressed.

This is done right! Love it.

I know it didn’t address everything for everyone, but I’m really excited about it.


Nice! This looks like a pretty exciting release to me. I was on the fence about my MSA but I pulled the trigger this morning. Can’t wait to play with the new Mograph tools.


thanks for the info


Excellent news. Just signed up for the Substance rent-to-buy option and am pretty impressed with the system so far. Be nice to have it closely integrated within C4D (even though the plugin seems pretty solid).

Having just sat that through all the CV vids, I can happily say I am really pleased with this release. Admittedly, there’s bit of 3rd-party plugin replication/removal going on, but having fewer plugins is no bad thing.

Object tracking, better 3D viewport, Voronoi shattering, shadow catcher (finally!)
all good. Nothing particularly ground-breaking, but it’s all nice, solid stuff that seems to have been implemented thoughtfully.

That’s me signed up for another year!


Also - the new Maxon website (I think it’s new?) looks really clean and modern. :thumbsup:


I’d like to know more about the reflection preview, do we get HDR maps reflections, do objects reflect each other, visible lights?