New hard surface modelling plugin - Looking for beta testers!




We released the first Alpha release for everybody to try out. You guys helped us greatly to improve the plugin! So everybody thanks for that!

For the Beta testers, new in this version:

  • Bake function
  • Solid bevel first - for angled polygon faces
  • Symmetry improved
  • Texture fix
  • Many small bugs

Here a demo video of the basics!

Get the product here!:

Get the Meshboolean plugin here



We recently posted a questions here where we asked you, “What do you miss inside c4d?” A lot of great suggestions came across, but one was standing out the most was a modelling tool that acts like Hard-ops (Blender) or MeshFusion (Modo).

So we started testing inside Cinema 4D if we can make something like this and we came up with a pretty interesting plugin. It’s a parametric boole plugin that completely changes to way to work with boolean object. It keep everything in a single hierarchy and you can add automatic bevels to every boole operation. You can always adjust every boole and change the bevel. We added some new functions like cut-in, symmetry and other fun concept for you to play around with.

We are looking we Beta testers that like to experiment with this concept. So if you are interested, drop us an email at Just sent your contact information and we will send you the beta version.

What do we ask of you?
-Of course, look for bugs.
-Give us your opinion on the plugin.
-What extra features would you like to see?

As a bonus: if you make a 3d model using our plugin that we later can use as promotion you get the final version for free!!

The Great Summit website


Finally! Can’t wait to give it a go.


I think it would be nice to have this complimentary to sculpt modeling.


We got a so many reactions! thanks all for helping us developing this plugin. For now we have enough beta testers.
For the rest of the people how like to say up to date with the development. Follow the blog on the The Great Summit website. :slight_smile:

The Great Summit Website




Cool. Taking some inspiration from the mighty powerful boolean tools in ZBrush there, by the looks of things.
I’m a kit bashing nut and booleans are one of my preferred methods for creating new shapes.

See here for experiments:

Would love to help.


Just when I thought it would be great to have a plugin like mesh fusion …
BAMM ! you posted one … even though I didn’t get to be a tester … I love where this is going :applause:


As you share samples, it’d be great to see the topology of the resulting mesh - as that’s one of the usual downsides of using booleans in general.


Since Instant Meshes is freeware maybe be porting that to C4D for retopo afterwards?


Can you match the performance of ZBrush’s live boolean tool? For me that’s the real question.

There’s 3 things that ZBrush does that I can’t see being equaled in C4D.

  1. The ability to insert a subtraction model and then add an additional subtraction layer within the same subtool. (Think Insert cutout panel; Go a layer deeper with an additional cut out)

  2. The ability to scrub through your brush/model library in real time, which in turn updates the boolean model and allows you to decide which cut works best.

  3. The ability to move/rotate/scale those additions in real time, without a single hiccup in the editor view.

The attached img has taken me maybe 2 hours to build and has absolutely zero modeling details, besides a stretched sphere and some extruded polys for the eyes. Every other detail is a boolean that can be replaced or moved around for the desired effect.

It weighs in at roughly 300k polys. Which is not heavy for this level of detail.

I don’t think there’s any tool out there, that can match ZBrush’s performance in hard surfaces modeling. But I’m open to see what you have in mind.


Exciting times.
Good luck guys, looks promising so far.


Hi The Priest,
Thanks for your suggestions. We are able to do a lot of those things but the algorithm is still based on the standard c4d boolean operator.
Zbrush works very differently and is able to create much more complex booleans. So it will not be a replacement!

We will release a demo video shorty where we tell you all about it:)
The first alpha release is almost ready. So keep an eye out on the The Great Summit webpage:)


The question is “Is there another way to do boolean in C4D ?”. With the standard boolean system, we get same limitations and artefacts.
Perfect boolean for perfect bevel is the great quest of graal


Looks intriguing! Just send a request for a beta but don’t get any answer yet. But will play with alpha for sure when it’s out.


Ah, so it’s really a user interface plugin rather than the introduction of a new boolean algorithm.


The first Alpha release is ready for everybody to try out!

Below a demo video to show you the basics:)

Check out the product page here


Here an example of something we created with this new tool:)


Looks amazing! Great work!


That seems to sum it up. There certainly may be some utility, but with limitationns.

The results with complex or rounded shapes will suffer the same limitation as the old-fashioned boole.


With this plugin, you jump some steps.
You don’t need to make a boolean object, select intersection active, create a Bevel object, put the bevel object and boolean object in a group, enter “I” in bevel object.
It can be very boring with a lot of sub-objects.


Yes. I can see how it can speed the work flow, do doubt. Nice work.