New Grossness from you know who


I was messing around with splines and distorting them and I just sort of ran with it and made something gross…what’s new right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Eww! You were right. Great stuff as always man!


Whoa, turds on string! :smiley: One of your best works of gross so far.


thanks folks.

added some Storm Tracer particular matter. :slight_smile:


Someone should tell those poor earthworms that your supposed to eat peanuts without the shells.

Looks great Policarpo. I’ve got to get me that ST plugin. Dof looks nice, too.





I must have a nice clean mind no matter what anyone says… I was thinking hot peppers. :wink: Great job whatever your flavor. :slight_smile:


What version of cinema you using for those turds? :slight_smile:


I was thinking peperoni too :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’m going to be a really gross one here and say it’s turds after eating hot peppers and peperoni? :wink: …sorry, had to be said! Really cool looking render, very slick…wait, that came out wrong. :argh:


thanks for the replies everyone.
a sample movie as well:


What are you using for texture/shaders on these? or is it mostly lighting?

colors look rich and good variety.


Just gradients, bumps and Environment Maps. I use the Layer Texture quite heavily as well, and boost my colors and such in post in AE.


I’ve never seen pepperoni that looked quite like that. Me thinks I would have trouble eating it if it did. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah–those would be quite exotic peperoni :slight_smile: I think he may have meant peperoncini (those pickled green spicy indigestion inducing peppers I cant help myself from devouring).

I thought Chili peppers too when I saw it. Nice-well–in a disgusting way at least :wink:


Disgusting and nice as always :slight_smile:


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