New graduates' competition


I’m contemplating on going to a school to learn 3D animation & visual effects. However, as we all know, the current economic recession led to a number of layoffs for animators. A small but significant list of those studios include:

  • Electronic Arts (Closing of Blackbox studio and other layoffs)
  • Sony Pictures
  • Laika (After Coraline)
  • New Line Cinema (After The Orphanage)
  • Disney (After Bolt)

There are probably hundreds of experienced animators now unemployed due to those layoffs. As I am considering going to school to learn 3D animation and put together a demo reel, how are we new graduates going to compete with those veteran animators ? Even if the economy rebounds within the year, I can only assume these people experienced will be the first to get their jobs back. What competitive advantage is there for a junior animator coming out of school ? One good demo reel cannot compete with those veterans who probably have several good demo reels to show off their work. Anyways, I am just a very concerned prospective student and I hope CG Talk can shed some light into this matter for me.


Most industries are facing lay offs at the moment, so most people considering further education have to factor these issues into their plans.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, to a certain extent new students are in a much better position than current graduates, as they are in a position where they can ‘ride out’ the recession. Most forecasts claim three years from now the economies will be well on their way to recovery.

Obviously, that leaves the question of how much we can trust financial forecasts, but I’m not really in a position to comment on that;)


I’m not sure how it is all going globally but here in Sydney I know of a few companies that are preferring to take on keen graduates over seasoned vets , it seems to be driven by the financial crisis, the entry level is getting lower and the rates of pay are following…

2 major players I know of are even canvassing schools for ‘junior graduate artists’

The opportunity is always there, you’ve just got to find it;)

Good luck


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