New Free Python Plugin: Regex Renamer


Hey Everyone,

       Here's a little tidbit I wanted to share with you: 
       Regular expressions can be insanely useful for searching through and interpreting text and, you know, the object names in the object manager are basically one large blob of text to process.
       So with Regex Renamer you can select and/or rename objects using regular epxressions. 
    It may not be the über plugin, but hey, I'm just starting out and I wanted to add a little something of my own for learning Python for CINEMA 4D. For example it shows you one way of doing persistent state (saving user options) using Python's ConfigParser.
       Here's a screenshot:
       It's free and open source (FOSS) so you may do as you please.
 The only exception being making money off of the plugin itself.
      Oh and if you need a good intro to regular expressions, visit [this page](


thats one for the nerds :wink:


thanks for making it open source! =]


thanks andre!


Thanks, André.
And thanks for contributing so much to the Python folks on this forum :slight_smile:


Well, I love CINEMA 4D and I love Python, so you betcha, there will be more to come … :slight_smile:


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