New free plugin: Point Index display in editor


I finally decided to create my first tag plugin in python :slight_smile:
So, here is a plugin tag that you can add to any object.
If it is a polygonal object and you select any of its points, it will show the index number of that point next to the point itself. If you select any of its polygons, it will show the polygon index number in the center of the polygon.

You have five options in the tag.
The first one, turns on and off the display of numbers.
You can set the scale of the numbers that are displayed, the color of the numbers and if you want the numbers to appear with transparency based on they distance in the object (less distracting).
Finally, you can decide if you want to see the indexes displayed even if the object is not active.

I hope this is helpful, somehow.


Brilliant, thank you, Rui!


This is excellent Rui. Thank you!

It would also be very useful as a general function of the editor.
Is it possible to get this to work for any object, without the need to add a tag?


Thx !!!
… so many time wasted searching a selected point in the structure panel…


Hey Rui, great Idea. This saves a lot of time in many cases. :thumbsup:

Edit: just tried it. unfortunately it doenst work with enhanced OGL. Is this something you could add?


I’m still learning. I will try to make it work with OpenGL too.

As for making it general, I would have to change it into an object and that object would have to interact through all objects in the scene. That could make it very slow, in large scenes.
Also, having it as a tag, allows for different settings for each object where the tag is attached.

Rui Batista


OGL and GouradShadingMode support would be awesome indeed.
Plus a tiny little script that just adds the tag to the selected object (which would have the advantage of assigning a hotkey to the add-pointdisplay-tag script)


Congrats on the plugin, Rui. Distance Transparency is a great idea for making the indices readable without visual cluttering.

   Last year I developed an index display plugin which does this. Unfortunately due to other priorities it slipped down the list and I don't know when it will be completed. Here's a preview anyway: [](
   The great thing about Rui's plugin is that it's available to everyone now and will no doubt continue evolving.


I think my plugin and what it does is relevant here but it isn’t my intention to hijack this thread, which should focus on the new plugin. I’ll put the video up on Vimeo so that any discussion can happen there. It’s a C++ plugin but I’m happy to share any knowledge which might be relevant under Python.

EDIT: The Vimeo video is here.


Fab little plugin, thank you very much for releasing that for free.



Anyway I can renumber/re-order points?

How about being able to render your numbers? Any way to link to MoText via Xpresso?



Great little plugin. Thanks
Just wondering if this would be possible to show the index while we have an object deformed by one of the deformers …Let’s say a “wind” ?



Amazing! Thanks for making this!


To re-order the numbers, you can use the Structure Manager.
As for being able to render the numbers, I guess it is only possible if you perform a Software Render. Making this output as a post effect or be able to export the numbers through Xpresso is way out of my league.

I believe it would be possible but it would make things slower since I would have to perform an internal “Current State to Object”.

Rui Batista


Your plugin looks great, Darter.
Are you using DrawLine or DrawLine2D to display the numbers?
I found out that DrawLine2D doesn’t work fine with Enhanced OpenGL :frowning:
Would you mind if I e-mailed you to compare a few notes?

Rui Batista


Thanks Rui. I’m using bitmap definitions and plotting the numbers using DrawPoint2D(). Drawing is done in screen space using a SceneHookData plugin.

I’d be glad to compare notes, I’ll PM my email address.


Thanks for this handy time saver, Rui!



This is a gem.
Thanks Rui :bowdown:

Cheers / Alex


That’ll be awesome even if it slower just for that process.
Sooo :banghead: to track specific points when dealing with complex geometries and deformers.
I whish simply that point selection mode 'll work but no :frowning:
i’m more than ready to pay to have that feature.



Inside a plugin it’s necessary to clone an object before executing Current State To Object as it modifies object caches. When cloning the Wind Deformer, its state at Frame 0 is used regardless of the current frame.