New free plugin: Auto Gel Projection


Oi, folks…

Just finished a simple helper plugin (tag) that automagically handles recalculating the texture mapping coordinates for light objects. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but quite handy whenever you feel like projecting a texture from a spotlight for instance. Normally you have to manually fiddle around with the mapping coordinates a lot to make sure the entire texture is properly projected without any annoying tiling or mirroring. And if you get the crazy idea to change the light parameters, you’ll have to tweak the mapping again… With this tag however, you just “set it and forget it”.

The tag handles the most common light types (with a few exceptions as outlined in the documentation included with the download) and takes spot radius, aspect ratio and other parameters into account when calculating the final projection.

Auto Gel Projection is freeware for all conceivable purposes (except for kinky stuff involving minors), and works with Cinema 9.5 or higher, on Mac and Windows.

Get it >>> HERE <<< - and enjoy (docs and a simple example scene included).

Or click HERE to get a stripped version that will run on Cinema 4D R 9.1.



Thanks! Very handy and usefull!



Cool, thanks! Very helpful indeed. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for this time saving plugin.


Thanks James.:thumbsup:



Couldnt be easier to use, thanks!!! :thumbsup:


Thank you very much!


Thanks for this handy plugin.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


You’re welcome, guys :thumbsup:


Thanks James. Nice little plugin.


Good one, thank you


Been there, done that. It’s why I rarely use textures for lights. Typically I use an image that allows me to ‘fake’ IES light shapes like you see with halogens. But you’re right–it’s awful spending the time to get the map set just right then have to leave it forever or else start over positioning the thing. Actually, I’ve made it a little easier by using a plane with the texture set just in front of the light, but still a hassle.

Thank you so much!


This will come in handy…Mega_thanks!


Now I can go to gobo heaven.


Thanks for the plugin! I was dealing with this exact problem a few nights ago. I’m sure it will come in handy again soon.



Thanks so much! This will be very nice to work with. :thumbsup:


What a timesaver! thank you, greatly appreciated.


This is a gem, very useful.

/ Alex


I think this should be a standardfunction integrated in C4D.



M’yep, that wouldn’t hurt of course.

I’ll make sure to keep it up to date for any SDK changes in future C4D releases at any rate.

Since it appears that a lot of people found this to be a useful plugin, I’ve made a small effort to fix a special version that works even if you don’t have R9.5-9.6 yet… By removing a few calls that are not supported by older releases, I’ve made one that is confirmed to work on R 9.1 - could possibly run on 8.X as well, but that is just a plain guess based on nothing but blind faith rather than actual tests.

Anyway - click HERE to get a stripped version that will run on Cinema 4D R 9.1. The download includes an example scene and documentation adjusted for the changes made to comply with 9.1.

Needless to say, you don’t want to use this one for R9.5, although it will work, it has less support for arealight parameters. I will update the first post in the thread with the link to the 9.1 version.