New free OpenFX-Plugin that hopefuly should help editors & compositors


Hello everybody,

Just wanted to announce the release of a new free OpenFX Plug-in called TalentTracker, TalentTracker allows you to automatically detect and track your on screen talent inside the shot sequence. It can track different areas of a talent. Either its face, head or full body. There is no need to mark or place a track area/point. Talent that comes onscreen or leaves and comes back onscreen is handled automatically.

Here is a short demonstration/summary video

Current tried and confirmed hosts are

  • Nuke v13 (but older version should work)
  • Assimilate Scratch V9.3
  • Fusion Studio 17
  • Fusion Tab in DaVinici Resolve
  • Natron 2.3

Confirmed to be loading but unfortunately not working correctly (except for the companion plug-in)

  • DaVinci Resolve ColorTab

Windows and Linux OS version are available to download from