New free cloth tutorial


This week i’m diving into everyone’s favourite badly named feature.



Good stuff as always. Loved the tip about scaling the targeted belt object (for opening/closing curtain) and gleaned a few other gems.

Do have a few thoughts:
-Some of the effects in cloth might not be useful for real-world cloth, but can be useful for other real-world things. Want to flip a pizza where it bends and flops? Cloth system is one possibility (alternative to soft body)
-Dresser/Dressomatic might not be so great for clothing a character but can be useful if modeling a pillow or some cushy furniture.


These are so great, thank you. I am definitely a self taught user. I open a feature turn each slide up and down each time to see what happens. SO happy to see these and get a real explanation of the terms. Flex means rubber , rubber means flexibility haha. Great stuff, cheers!


Thanks, Matthew! I’m subbed to your channel. It’s full of good stuff.

I’m going to dive into your channel and other parts of your training when I finish my Cinema 4d bootcamp. I want to devour your R19 series, especially “R19 High Speed.”