NEW FORUM -- I can't view any archived posts!


Archived technical posts on the cgsociety forum were the only way I can keep my sanity while using Maya. Why the hell are they now missing?


Which archived post are you looking for? or what forum. everything is visible still so let me make sure that what you are looking for was not disconnected


Thanks for the reply Travis, and sorry about the swearing lol.

Here’s the google search result I tried to view:

and here’s the link:


Good news this looks like it’s just a permissions setting that needs turned on to access it. The developers are on break for a few hours but this should be back up tonight. Thanks for the heads up and check back here later so we can get it fixed for you.


Just an update the post should be visable now, let us know if you still have trouble


yep it’s visible now, thanks!!


Thanks Alexander glad we got that cleared up and thanks for the heads up.


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