New Forum - A few issues


Issue 1 - for me, the frontpage still doesn’t list most recent activities. I see old forum replies being listed everywhere on the main page.

Issue 2 - search seems only to return results when looking for user names. Other general keywords don’t return anything, the page stays blank. Example: when using ‘Maya’ as the keyword, nothing happens.

Issue 3 - when viewing the forum on mobile devices, the layout is all messed up. Sometimes the text column is 15 pixels wide, while the add takes all the space, sometimes it displays the parent forum OK but a child forum is not displayed correctly.

Issue 4 - can we have some more info about users? Activity, number of posts, threads started by a user etc.

Thank you!


Working on each of these now. Will post an update in a day or two to keep you informed where we are.

Thanks for the feedback


Sounds great, thank you!


Noticed old/incorrect user names show up under forum topic titles.


Indeed. I just got a notification that I (myself) just posted in this thread but it looks like it was the user above this post… weird.