New Female model, ( Warning NUDITY )


Hello all,

Sorry for the nudity tag but it is needed.

I will be posting lots of images of the model and need some very honest and heavy C & C from anybody and everybody.

Anyway about the model, its a revamped mesh with heavy texture work done in Maxons BodyPaint 3d 2, which is amazing by the way. Some texturing in ZBRUSH 2 ( For displacment maps ) and the rest is all done in Lightwave 8.5, using FPRIME 2 to render. oh and FPRIME RULES!!! used G2 for skin shading.

Please tear the work apart I want to improve the model to a better standard, until its flawless and very realistic.

Anyway sorry for the long post and look forward to the C & C!

I can post any G2 settings ( lightwave settings also ) or anything like that if wanted.



Old post. Check first post for updates.


and some more for crit…


thats it, look forward to the crits and to more work…


heya infinite, Brilliant stuff man very realistic looking woman. I remember your 40winks thread, that was excellent. You’ve done a good job with the shading and texturing, got any idea what the final renders gonna be about?
and as for Fprime… I know what ya mean man :slight_smile: I can render a 2mil mesh with full rad 4 bounces and 3 area lights in…oooh 4 minutes ?


wow, that looks really great. I think it’s a neat idea to make a female who isn’t drop dead gorgeous.

I see a few things that I would work on though:

1)most noticeable is her inner breast. You’ve got this very defined line running up the insides that looks unnatural. If the breasts are unsupported as they are, those creases would not be there. I’d smooth them out completely around the top inch and bring them back in over the next inch down.

  1. the toes need some work, they look to small and separate.

  2. I think maybe the head is slightly too large. Not a whole lot and that can obviously vary from person to person, but it seems a little disproportionate

great job though.


again an wonderfil girl created by you INFINITE. Keep us amazing us please.


for some reason i don’t like the face texture as much or maybe the “pose” of the face. something about it just looks funny besides that AMAZING texturing and a very nice model from what i can see.


Great work!


Thank you all very much for your comments.

guitars69: I will look into those changes. I see what you mean about the breasts.

Mad|Dawg: The purpose of this project is to make many different types of models like these available for people to use as full blown meshes. Similar to 3d sk ( the reference site ) but in 3D digital form.

Some updates will follow soon.

and an image of the toes…


Sorry to dig up my own WIP but I have been busy again on this model, added is a small movie of the changes that I made overtime to the head of the model and then the final out put, see image example below ( the original version was very ugly, looks a bit better now and matches perfectly with the original photo, last image is a comp of the head and photo. And a test pose. C and C’s are very welcome.




Wow…I’m very impressed, the textures and renderings look top notch man. Congrats!


very nice progression on the head (entire character). Maybe just revisit the skin and tweek a little.

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:



it might be the view but the feet look a little large for a woman of that size, but than again some people have bigger feet. Her face looks good, upper body looks good, although i agree about the breast statement, does her right ankle seem thin compared to her foot in the full body shots with the black background. All this is just opinion since i dont see any reference so its hard to critique in that respect. great model though, i dont see anything major, the tweaks are up to you.


Hi Just a quick update, posed my model and working on the Hair using Jon tindals Will post the finished version with background in the still’s gallery soon. Hopefully.

Again any C & C would be usefull.




wow dude looks like a photo kinda keepy. however for some reason is seems like the breast crease goes to high up on the cheast…

keep it up…wow


Very impressive!!! No crits.
I have a silly question. How did you make her pantyhoses? just a texture over her legs, or a separated object?


Really great job!!
Modeling, textures and rig are superb in my opinion. I don’t like the wrinkles on her forehead but this is just me. Can you give some tips about how you rig her?



I like it. Very life like. Rep for not using a cliche’ woman look on your models.


Thanks for the crits guys and the 3 stars :slight_smile:

unknowngod430: I agree with you the creases are quite bad and too high but due to the topology of the mesh its hard to ‘iron’ them out, but I will see what I can do, thanks for the crit on that.

jramauri: Attached are some example images, but basically after the leg was modelled/rigged/UV’ed/textured, then I duplicated that part of the mesh I wanted as the tights upto the band, then Smooth shifted it upto the joining verts to the band ( 1mm ) in lightwave ( similar to push in MAX ) then gave it a material and special UV’s assigned from Bodypaint 2 which assigned a face map to each quad poly. Then I merged the verts between the toes, then allot ofplaying around with material settings in LW.

VanDerGoes: Thanks allot, the rig is based on this tutorial which has some great example files Riggin in LW is the holy grail and on realistic characters nearly imposible I have never seen it done well but Jean-Philippe Savariault’s tut is amazing. With regards to her frown marks thats just based on the model that was used :slight_smile:

hey nino thanks for your comments !

The Comp_Test image attached is my model render composited over a background plate, the hair is photo also the rest is cg, including the chair. The background will be done in LW eventually.

more updates to come.

thanks again.


BTW I wonder if someone can, help I dont know how to post large images as these attatchments are so small and loose detail, how do I do it? I am a full paying member here…