New Face-Changing Software


This was brought my attention (by my Dad :)) in an engineering publication

"German researchers at the Max Plank Institutehave developed a high-level software tool that allows users to exchange or animate faces in images in an almost completely automated way. The new software tool first reconstructs a 3D face model from the original image, applies changes to it in 3D, and draws the result into a target image.

The new pose and illumination for the target image is computed automatically.

The only manual interaction required by the user is to click on about seven feature points, such as the corners of the eyes and mouth, in each image."

Link to the article

Link to a detailed explanation on the software manufacturers website




Should be a time saver. Some of the examples on the site are not very impressive though, visable seams and colour errors.


hmmm… in none of the examples do they change eyebrow and eye shapes… I wonder if this software can do that too…


I’m not impressed with the results.

And also, i don’t understand the thinking behind this whole research. Manipulating personal photos in order to look better than you are in reality (by faking it), is just… sad :shrug:
I understand it only for professional photoshooting, which happens anyway.


Hahaha, it is not so much polished art as a research project from what I could tell. I found the lighting matching quite interesting. Like anything, I am sure it is not a Magic bullet.

As for who would use it? The Sun newspaper would have a FIELD DAY! :smiley: I can just see it…

“Shocking Photos! Jennifer Aniston and Jude Law caught in bed with a monkey!”


Just thought I might pique someones interest, 'tis all :slight_smile:



Who would use it?

Well, just wait for the number of celebrity porn sites to skyrocket.


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