New desktop for Maya


So it’s time to get a new desktop and start learning Maya. Trying to budget in the $1500- $2000 range. Problem I am having is finding one with a compatible video card from the Autodesk list of recommended hardware:

I tried to customize a workstation at Dell and they don’t offer any of the recommended cards. Briefly looked at AVADirect but they were a little too expensive.

How did those of you using Maya build your computer?


researching what card to use with all the varying opinions is very annoying and i just spent a week purely on that…
for my budget which could have been more I bought a refurbished 5600 1.5gb quadro. I could of got a 2gb gaming card but could have been a waste of time.

If you can afford a pro card (w5000) or one of the quadro series then get it… as I don’t think it’s worth the hassle over getting a game card when it comes to complex scenes … but if you got the time and patience to buy a gaming card do so.

The fire pro and Quadro series are pretty much all certified with maya. If your working with large data sets, textures then go for the more ram models…


It’s worth weighing the opinions and time it takes because there are definitely cards that are complete crap with Maya


i have the lowest supported, a GTX 560 with 2GB ram… and maya works just fine with it. IPR is terrible, but does work… and it only cost me 74$.


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