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I am planning to run maya. I know this has been asked many times. Just would like some input. Thanks

this is what i am looking at


Ur paying way too much for that system, especially since it doesn’t come w/ an OS. I would suggest going to a more … recognizable vendor such as Dell or Boxx.



Figure out what your budget for a machine is and then consider the following:

  1. Maya is a multi-threaded application and will take advantage of dual processors. You can get around a 30% performance boost over same speed single proc with same amount of memory in the system.

  2. Get 2GB of memory. 4 512MB sticks are usually a little cheaper than 2 1GB sticks.

  3. Right now, I like the bang for the buck that comes from the nvidia FX1100 graphics card. If that’s not in your budget, see if you can find an XGL 750, XGL 900 or XGL 980. You’ll be thankful of the performance you get from these cards…

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