New "Coca-Cola Happiness Factory" spot


Wow. This is really nice.


wow that was nice! thanks for that :thumbsup:

~oops, already a thread about this


very nice!


Wow!I cannot believe how epic that looked.



Great looking ad. Very ‘Oddworld’ like.


I’m getting a black page with absolutely nothing on it…


That’s odd… it loaded right away when I tried it just now.


Oh, found it on another site.

That has got to be the most over-the-top commercial I’ve ever seen :slight_smile: But it was absolutely fantastic, and a great follow up to the previous one (which I loved).

Pysop have done an incredible job once again. It must have been a lot of fun to work on.


That was crazy!:eek: I can’t believe so much work could be done for a beverage.

Psyop are the most amazing team. Their stuff is always so much fun. :smiley:


I figured anybody with half a brain would run screaming from those kissy-things. :argh:

Still wouldn’t drink the nasty stuff if you paid me.


That was so awesome. Coke always do awesome commercials.


I’m never again pressing the coke button more than once…EVER. :wink:


Wow, well done guys! That’s an insane amount of everything, basicly an animated short!

Keep em coming - best adverts on TV by far. Would love a feature on them/behind the scenes.


shame it had to be a coke commercial, great work. wonder what the budget/schedule was on that bad boy… i googled it and they had about 10 3d artists plus other ppl on it…


Good followup from the last ad, I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Product aside…the commercial is great! very nice piece of work!


wow i loved the first and this just takes it to another level! How will this play on tv? Big cuts i guess.

GREAT WORK - never knew coke came from a tree :slight_smile:


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