New Cinema 4D plugin: Target 4D


Hi guys!
Check out please my new plugin for Cinema4D!
Plugin designed to move or copy selected objects onto the geometry surface of other scene objects.
This tool is absolutely suitable for interior and exterior architectural use and will save you a lot of time.

more info about Target 4D here


Really great!


Nice! One question: is this plugin needs mograph module? Will it work on the prime version Cinema4D?


Hi! Thank you for a good question! Target 4D no need any additional modules. Plugin compatible with all Cinema 4D Bundles.


That’s an amazingly useful plugin. Congratulations.


Very useful… :ok_hand:


Awesome work.

I will buy It when I have finished this current project… one idea for a future… Show infinite World space vertical and horizontal rulers so you can see exactly where the target point is and the object it is hitting.


It looks a bit like Paint On Surface from DNS-plugins. Have to check if this adds more to the mix for me. But certainly very usefull stuff.



I bought it - love it.

Very useful and timesaving within large architectural scenes, for example when placing objects within the current viewport, many mouse-drags away from world zero.
You can quickly place / paint geometry onto existing overlapping copies which in combination with Nitro 4D’s Magic Merge ( ) can produce some nice looking stuff.

Cheers / Alex


Thank you! Nice tip!
I think it nice idea for upcoming Target 4D tutorial!


This looks excellent, I’ll be buying this next week for sure. Thanks for making it!


Well I’ve bought this and its fantastic. I also had a usage question and Mike got back to me with a video showing how to access the extra options (you have to hit Esc to bring up a menu). Its really great as you simply select the object(s) you want to either move or instance copy and and then paint away and it will spray them on any surface - no need to pre determine the surface. You can also put the new objects on a layer. Some great options in there for randomising and painting in lines or grids. But what I like most is the speed and simplicity of how it works and if you make a custom button in your toolbar its literally two clicks and you are away.


Thank you Rob for the nice feedback and plugin review!
I will try to accommodate your wishes at work on the next version of the plugin!



Wow that interactive placement looks fantastic!
Will buy soon no doubt.



Hello guys!
Now Target4D is fully compatible with Cinema4D R20.
You can get more info about this plugin here


I bought it and it works great!
I always used Paint on Surface from DNS plugins, but that is no longer available it seems.

I know you can paint objects with polypen, but this tool is much easier to use, so I can only recommend it.

Mike told me that Multiinstances are not working yet for R20, but it will probably be in an update.



Mike told me that Multiinstances are not working yet for R20, but it will probably be in an update.

Yes, this feature will be supported on next updates!
I need a bit more time to test it better.


Hello guys!
Now Target 4D v1.3 is available!

What’s new:

  1. Tool brush mode.
  2. In/Exclude surfaces (For Cinema4D R18 and later).
  3. Cinema4D R20 Multi-Instances support.

Other bugs fixes and improvements.
As always you can get update here


Hello guys!
Now Target 4D v1.5 is available!

NEW: Screen Coordinates option
NEW: Exclude XRay option
NEW: Tool Presets
Enhanced: Improved detecting Mograph Clones Surface algorithm
Enhanced: Improved Bounding Box detection algorithm
Enhanced: Added Cinema 4D R21 compatibility

As always you can get update here


What is the minimum C4D version supported?