New CG Film-Making Forums


Hi all,

We’re proud to announce that we have new forums for CG Film-Making. As CGTalk has grown immensely in the last 2 years, we’ve noted an increase in the number of forums and support for the creation of 3D and 2D stills, but have not specifically catered much for members interested in CG film-making or animation. Our hope is that these new forums will cater for CG film-makers and animators, fostering growth in these areas.

Moderating the new CG Film-Making forums are Sam Chen, the Director behind 3D Award and SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre-winning short film ‘Eternal Gaze’, and Jason Schleifer, Senior Animator for The Lord of the Rings who is currently working at DreamWorks.

Specifically, two forums have been started:

  • Screenwriting and Concept Creation
  • Cinematography and Directing (and Editing)

The moderators agonised over which forums should be added, as the film-making area is huge. We decided to go with the above to get things rolling, and will monitor the situation as time goes on.

Enjoy the new forums!



Wow! Awesome!

Very nice forums. Can’t wait to see the work posted here! :thumbsup:

I wish this forum a long and healthy life! :thumbsup:


This is just excellent…really a wonderful idea…Thankyou very much for this leonard and CGnetworks…This is something I wondered about in the past…were you reading my mind?:wink: …Thnaks again for this.:thumbsup:


this is very good news for everybody.


Me too, I wish this new forum the best.


The question is, aren’t these forums: WIP/Critique: Animation and Collaborative team projects supposed cater to (short) CG Film-Making? Or better yet, move these two instead under this new cg-film forum?

Would name CG Short Film-Making be more specific instead of the just CG Film Making?:shrug:


I couldn’t wait for this forum to open :bounce:

If any of you are looking for a nice little screenplay program…check out RoughDraft . It works pretty damn good and it lets you convert your script directly to html. Well worth a little donation.

Hope to see this forum flourish.



great idea,thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Excellent! Me and a team are working out file conversion problems, then we plan to get started on a short film. This will be a great resource.

Oh, so Jason switched over? I knew Dreamworks was doing some hardcore recruiting…


Sweet, can’t have enough forums :slight_smile:

I would like to see a compositing section in it though :slight_smile: Stuff on specials effects etc for video/film etc.

Just what I would like to see :slight_smile:

Ungratefull aren’t I?


Exactly my thought. :love:


How about a WIP short film forum?

Right now, after the reorganization of the forums, the thread about the short film I’m on, “Paul and His Bananas” (shameless plug) is listed under “WIP/Critique: 3D Stills”, which is not really accurate, as a 3D still is not my ultimate goal and I’m posting a lot of quicktimes in there.



Excellent idea!
I’m all for it.
Cgtalk is truly the place to be:thumbsup:


it’s so great. i am longing for a forum like this for a long time. thanks a lot


Hey great idea this will help a lot !!!

thanks guys !


Awesome dude,
I am currently working on a short-film, and the people in this forum can probably give me some suggestions regarding to the story.
We could write the ultimate script :slight_smile:

PS: I would prefer a WIP forum for the film section too. that gives us the ability to get some critiques on our films. I think the WIP forum that already exists isn’t really fitting for short-films


Nice expansion! Surely a lot to learn, see and produce in this section! :thumbsup:


I wasn’t sure where to post about the short film I just finished either. I wish I had waited a couple of more days before posting now.As it is, my thread about Pen’ Pals can be found here: Thread Link
I’d love to get feedback on it even though I can’t post the whole movie yet.
Great news to have this dedicated forum.



Excellent! The best forum just got even better :thumbsup: Hope this thing takes off.


heheh, I give u an award ^^

Best CG forum ever :thumbsup:


Excellent, I always felt there wasn’t much activity around filmmaking so this perfectly compliments the rest of the stuff that makes me come here every day. It also comes at the right time, since I’m curerntly working on a short CG film myself. :slight_smile: