New cars new user


hi all
Am new to the 3d stuff. I made this cars. Well i really need some help for the around the tires and for the materials and the lights. C&C plz =).
i really need help on metal and car material. i made this with softimage.


If you’re new to 3D I think you’ve already have some great results.

I don’t know Softimage that well, but I can give you some general advise. First, don’t worry too much about the car/metal material at this stage. You first need to get to model right. Getting the material right requires a lot of practice and “playing” around with the settings until you know how they work. Try to get some tutorials online to speed up your learning process.

Thel fender/wheel area seems to be lacking geometry to smooth out. Depending on the way you modeled it, poly’s, splines, nurbs, subpatches etc, basically you need more geometry at those area’s. Same thing applies to the wheels. A shader can only smooth the area between two poly’s a certain amount. If you cross that line, you need more poly’s.


i made some little changes around the wheel and changed color and putted tag(tell me if its ugly)

C&C plz


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