New C4D plugin Q-TILE-PRO|surface engine / can be used in any engine RS/Corona/V-Ray/Octane/


Exactly my thoughts! Texturing large scale terrains will most of the time create repetitive patterns, but also on a smaller scale you will get very natural looking surfaces or displacements as is shown in the video.



thanks Guys, glad you find the features useful:)

we test atm the version with the copy tex button and release it once all is confirmed working.

the next video i work i wil show, is making a nice wood floor, and a wood facade in a few clicks

best greetings


Just to say this looks to be a really useful plugin…


What will be the post January (standard) price on this?


Hi Mike,

it will be raised by 20 euros. (but at the same time then ships with some more extra material/shader presets for your use, existing users of course get those too free).
as i am away next week i let the old price until i am back, so a few days longer)

by the way, a big 1.1 update, with a new and simpler to use gui, and many new features, is scheduled for saturday(edited) i guess, free to all Q-Tile-Pro users.

best greetings


Good news! Look forward to the update.


compiles for 1.1 are ready.
i work on last new added shader presets addons, and a new help video :slight_smile:


Can we get the update yet?


i had some unexpected work on one of our architectural projects, which took most of the day, so i postponed v1.1 update to tomorrow(saturday).

if u have it urgent email or contact via FB me i can give you the 1.1 in advance


ok version 1.1 is up on the server.

we will add this night and tomorrow some more 1.1 starter videos:

our new youtube channel

on monday all users get an official info email on the 1.1 update via mailchimp:)



Dear fellow C4D users!

We are super happy to announce that our big update version 1.1 is available now for all. for our existing customers of course as a free update!

The v1.1 update comes with a totally redesigned new and simpler to use GUI /user interface, and many new powerful features, based on your feedback, and several fixes.

Some excerpt of the new feature List:

  • New streamlined GUI, with coloured “tabs”, that reflect the usual “1-2-3-4” setup work flow.
    new and improved drawing, new shape mirror and scale options
  • new axis tool, axis rotation tool to define texture directions, and axis few mode
  • new selection, box select and brush selection tools
  • new shape subdivision tools
  • new shape instances feature assign colour, randomize colour, randomize text ID, now can work be limited to selections
  • new shape instances feature, and new instance view mode
  • new optimize command to automatic remove all double/overlaying shapes in one click
  • new “manage library” button replacing the old load and save buttons.
  • adjustable preview size of shape pre-sets -and its window
  • new shader pre-set library feature-
  • new Tex direction modes menu, to define the direction of textures in relation to the new axis
  • new flip modes, flip u, flip v, flip u & v, with % setting how many & of the textures affected by it.
  • new use seamless texture mode: it allows random offset, also if the shape scale is at 1 or lower
  • new “generate seamless tiling” option to use a “pseudo randomness” on the border to generate seamless shader or baking results.also if the shader not covers all of the object. Q-TILE-PRO makes sure it will be always seamless automatic, regardless if the mapping covers all surface in one tile or not.
  • new round corner feature (separate from edge rounding, as many wished)
  • new layer transparency via texture (alpha mask per layer)

we also started a new You Tube Channel/Playlist for Q-TILE-PRO, with several new videos for learning:

youtube channel studio_qucumber

please subscribe to our new INFO CHANNEL:)

we hope you like our new Q-TILE-PRO version as much as we do!

Stefan Laub & The | Q-TILE-PRO team!


Check this plugin out:

Maybe you and the author ought to have a chat - that division algorithm looks like it would be a natural fit into your tiling plugin!


Hi Mike,

yes thanks, i have seen that.

Actually Tilepro can do similar tileings too, beside any other shapes, - in the “subdivided” modes, via mosaik features, you can set tile subdivision according to brightness/intensity/contrast of an shader input, to drive the effect by texture, this makes mondrian like subdivisions in that style. (simple example screenshot:


Hi All,

hope you are all ok despite the covid19,
here some Q-TILE-PRO news:

Dear All, we are happy to announce the new Release “QTP 1.2.6” - for all existing and new customers. The focus on this service release was Speed | Stability | Workflow.

For Corona, V-Ray and C4D engine users we also have a Bonus tool included- 3d parallax (a kind of virtual displacement)
All users did get a mail chimp notification, download the new version in using your existing shop or email link.

A nice little bonus scene (old brick wall) was added for all engine. You find it in your QTP download.
The QTP version History pdf you can read here:…

You find the full Q-TILE-PRO bundle here, (the current 149.- price special will end April 15th evening)

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But does it support Indigo? :wink:


Q-TILE-PRO has a built in baking feature, which is used in all engines that do not support direct c4d shaders.
So yes you can use it also in Indigo via the resulting bitmaps to make high end mats with it, also in baked results the result is excellent with QTP :slight_smile:
(same as with Redshift, Arnold, Octane , V-Ray dr etc)


Thanks! :slight_smile: