New build for character animation, Ram?



I’m building a new ryzen 1700 pc for mainly character animation in maya, and some substance paining & arnold rendering.
How much ram do you recommend? 16GB or 32GB?



I would go with 32GB using 16GB modules so you can upgrade to 64GB in the future if needed.


Great tip thanks!


I was also thinking about new build. Does the Ryzen worth it? I mean for rendering. Or just stick to Intel again?


You must mention the applications you work with and also your budget. There’s no simple answer in your question.


For mostly rendering in max with V-Ray and some in Terragen.


OK. How much can you spend on this build? Will you use old parts all everything will be brand new? Do you need a monitor too?


I was thinking about max. $2500 - 3000 for only pc, without monitor or any peripherals and with new parts.


For 3K$ I would get myself something like this
PCPartPicker part listPS Gpu prices are just ridiculous because of mining frenziness. I would personally buy a 1060 6gb for now and wait for the new 2000 series of Nvidia to come out in order to get a better gpu for a lower price.


I was very curious about new AMD ryzens instead of i9. I looked at some reviews and it seems nice but I still hesitate.


Yes, you mean Threadripper cpus. They’re fine, but you budget allows a better setup imo. The 7940X I suggested is on par with AMD’s 1950X in rendering performance, but it’s better in single threaded tasks due to higher turbo clocks.

You can see a 7940X vs 1950X comparison in rendering performance here:


And the price for the Threadripper is much lower:

But the single thred speed could be a problem. Damn 3ds max use only one core for Particle Flow simulations.