New Breakdown tool from Anzovin Studio


Hey guys,

We’re almost ready to release a new animation tool for Maya. It’s a tool for making breakdowns between key poses, similar to the Tween Machine, but offers some awesome new capabilities that we’re very excited about. Specifically:

–It gives you a constant preview of your pose as you drag the slider, actually moving the character as you do so.

–It uses quaternion interpolation instead of Euler angles to calculate rotation, eliminating gimbal lock and other Euler problems when making poses.

–And it can be used not only to create breakdowns between poses, but also to bias an existing pose towards the poses on either side of it. Just like when you’re creating breakdowns, you’re given constant feedback on the character’s pose while you manipulate the sliders.

We’re hoping we’ll be releasing within the next month, and we’re planning to price it at $29.


Looking good sir. Always been a fan of your tools.

There’s one thing that worries me though, I noticed that when you were breaking down a pose using the slider, it was lagging quite a lot. I’m assuming it’s due to the fact you were recording your screen at the same time. Though, what’s the performance like for larger rigs?


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