HI evaryone. This is bike with organic motor.
I made it in 3ds max,rendered in BunkSpeed and composition in Photoshop.
Good luck.


Wonderful concept!


Wow!It tosses me out of my shoes!Looks very extraordinary and real at the same time!


it looks like it belongs in a movie


Cool… I want one!:slight_smile:


That’s one cool cucumber, nice presentation too. Good luck.


oh my god what the this cool great job man
i feel bad


Awsome modeling and rendering.


Very nice! Good luck!


Nice cucumber! The girls will squeal from this CuCumber :stuck_out_tongue: Nice work!


concept and design looks great! Well done!


Ah man, what a cool concept for you’re drive system on the wheels, Sell this design to ducatti or something, I’ll be the first to buy one. The whole bike just says: i’m cool :slight_smile:


congratulations on the fourth place!



Loved your bike, that’s outstanding, congratulations on the prize ! Rock 'n roll. :slight_smile:



3d graphics is my hobby, thats is why the success is great value for me.
Thank you very much.


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