New behaviour of mesh-split command


In R20 and before, when using the mesh/split command, the original object remained selected. This made it very quick to break up CAD objects, by selecting the elements needed and using mesh-split-delete. The new behaviour now selects the newly created object, leaving the original object unchanged. So I now have to go back and re-select the original object before deleting the split-off polys. Is there a reason for this change?

The documentation for R21 says: ‘If you want to delete the separated part from the original object, you can choose Delete directly after Split since the selection is still active (this works only if you are in polygon mode).’ - so this is describing the old behaviour.

Would it be possible to get the old behaviour back, at least as an option, as the new way is inferior.


you could try this great free plugin:

it creates a new object with your poly selection AND deletes the polys from the original object in one click


Nice idea Mike - should have been the solution but R21 has broken that as well (I wonder if it’s firing the same commands as split, like a macro?) Anyway, using Perfect-Split in R21 just keeps the selected polys and deletes the original object.


different users, different needs. apparently some liked it better the new way. the fastest way now would be to select the polys you want to split, hit cmd+x, deselect object and hit cmd+v…


Fair enough. I guessed the change was accidental, as the docs still refer to the old system. Seems strange to change an old command like that without telling anyone. Cutting/pasting is no good - it works on low-poly stuff but the mesh I’m working on here is 5million polys, using cut/paste locks the system up for ~10s per selection.


wasn’t changed accidentally if i remember correctly. 10 seconds? seems like a lot… did a quick test with a 7M poly mesh where i split 2.5M off, splitting and deleting takes up roughly the same time as cutting/pasting, around 5-6 seconds in total… not on a particularly fast machine, 2016 macbook pro…


This command drives me nuts… the split command - that’s really the copy command.
Don’t those guys have a dictionary?