New #Autodesk Suites adds #Softimage, #Lagoa Multiphysics and #Turtle.

Just popped on twitter and saw this:

New #Autodesk Entertainment Suites adds #Softimage, #Lagoa Multiphysics and #Turtle.

They bundled Softimage with either Maya or Max, and probably gonna bundle in it Turtle and Lagoa?!
i’m shocked

the 2 new bundles


Where does it say on that page that Lagoa is going to be included in softimage? That would be awesome!


there, its the 3rd new from top page, if thats true, hat off for Thiago for his work anyway, and for AD on recognizing it and bundle it


this is very shocking, the fact that they budle softimage up with other products to me seems like softimage may be taking a back seat soon. Or am i speaking out of line here


i dont think its gonna be a bad thing, you can get both maya and xsi, or max and xsi in a bundle, motionbuilder and mudbox, whats wrong with that?

I dont think Softimage will ever take back seat, it has too powerfull and great tools, ICE , Facerobot, Animation tools, Modeling, compositing, Lagoa in few, its just as good as Max and Maya.

Dunno but i cant see this in a bad spot, lately Softimage is growing a lot, lots of people started to get interest and use it, ICE is insanely powerfull and it cant even modify geometries yet, next release it will, and there are already multiple examples on how awesome it is, etc.

After all i just think its gonna be kinda suicidal to sink Softimage or put it in the back, because it sells, they said themselves, its market is growing and it went very good.

Maybe we should stop to see black when there is something regarding AD decisions, well see.
Its better than nothing anyway, and give it visibility.


It doesn’t say that Softimage is no longer going to be available as a standalone (in fact it implies the opposite by pointing out the savings made by buying a suite rather than the separate apps), so if anything this may be a way for AD to increase the exposure of Softimage - that’s the optimistic view anyway :slight_smile:



This is great news ! The way I see it Autodesk needs a way to compete with Houdini, and they’re marketing Softimage as that beast. I say awesome !


The premium bundle is a insanely good deal for 6k. I paid more than that for a seat of maya complete 6 years ago :frowning:


The inclusion of Lagoa has been confirmed by Thiago, but a few guys are asking about what this means for existing Softimage users. It’ll be interesting to see.

Either way, these are big suites.


Damn, me too! I’m talking to my reseller. I own both Maya and Soft so I’m hoping there’s a deal to consolidate to this package. Nice!


I don’t think this is be a good news for Softimage. Basically it means Autodesk conclude that Softimage does not have enough user base to survive alone(Think about Tosik).


Go speculation go! :slight_smile:
Unlike toxic, Soft is still sold as stand-alone and has seen none of its areas of interest crippled, is still commercially viable on its own, and it exceeded sales expectations a couple times instead of bombing year after year and failing to strip market off its competitors.
It simply doesn’t have the same market penetration as Maya does, and saying otherwise would be delusional on Soft or Soft users side, so this is a way for AD to squeeze more money out of their biggest userbases (making a large and expensive bundle attractive) that they wouldn’t otherwise milk. This much is pretty obvious, other speculations, until further announcements, are rather far fetched.

As long as it keeps feeding money into the ICE architecture and Soft features, and makes Soft seats available in studios that wouldn’t have had one there before to begin with, Soft users don’t have much to complain about. And I’m one of them.


I don’t see how this could be bad news for Soft users at all. It gets more seats of Soft in studios that might already have a Maya or Max workflow and I guarantee those that haven’t used Soft will be quite surprised once they do. That’s just my humble opinion. I mean just the gaming studios alone getting Soft and Turtle will be huge.

This is really a great idea for AD. Tell me what other commercial package offers that much for $6.5k? Does anyone really want to be competing with AD at this point? I imagine is pretty brutal.


It’s nice if the bundle holds a cash advantage for those using all apps,

but what about linux and mac users? Only 2 apps of the maya premium bundle work on mac, and only 1 on linux.

This suck.

Any chance of seeing more apps on other platforms?

AD studio came to the mac, AD autocad is comming. What about softimage or motionbuilder?


Softimage has been working on linux for the last 7 or 8 years, and mudbox is available on linux too afaik, not sure if just on request or publicly though. Old news by now anyway.


Not that hard really, someone just has to build a nice unified application that has good quality, texture painting, sculpting, modelling, a renderer that works and effects simulations tools properly integrated into one clean application.

Won’t be long now till we have to install about 15 Autodesk applications to do our jobs…

There is absolutely no excuse for Autodesk not to have mudbox quality sclupting and texturing in Max/Maya/XSI out of the box for instance.


but what about linux and mac users? Only 2 apps of the maya premium bundle work on mac, and only 1 on linux.

Work on mac ? thats extreme language :slight_smile: .


you’d be surprised. But not up to discussion here or the sheepFactory will have another field-day

Mudbox is not for linux. As far as i learned, zbrush works better on linux through wine than mudbox. But who would like to do that.

And as far as the softimage on linux go: It could be really great cause it’s less porting from linux to mac than say windows to mac. Let’s hope it comes one day. But maybe they gave up on it a long time ago.
EDIT: are you talking about a kind of beta for mudbox on linux? If not, why wouldn’t they make it available for all.


hehe, You really think Softimage is losing so many users they need to find a way to compete with a small company like SideFX. I love houdini but i think its the other way round.