New appleseed render plugin for Max 2016-2019 released


We are proud to announce a new release of appleseed, adding many new features and improvements.

appleseed is a fully open source, physically-based global illumination rendering engine primarily targeted at animation and visual effects.

The illustrated release announcement and all details can be found here:

A major effort went into improving our DCC-integration plugins. Now most of the core render engine features can be accessed directly from the plugins.

What is new (core engine):

  • Greatly improved random-walk subsurface scattering shader
  • Non-photorealistic rendering (cartoon and contour rendering shader)
  • New post-processing pipeline (false colors, relative luminance isolines, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art adaptive tile sampler implementation
  • Dedicated Substance Painter® compatible OSL shader
  • Roughness Clamping
  • More AOVs (Albedo, World Space Position, Pixel Variation, Pixel Sample Count, npr-shading, npr-contour)
  • Experimental Intel® Embree-based ray intersection kernel
  • Camera lens shift & much more…

What is new (Max plugin):

  • Support for Max 2019
  • Support for volumetric materials
  • Final frame denoiser controls
  • Adaptive tile sampler controls and related AOVs
  • NPR Toon-Shader and related AOVs
  • Substance Painter OSL-shader
  • Support for all 22 global shading overrides
  • Pixel filtering settings
  • Per-ray type (diffuse/glossy/specular) bounce limit controls
  • Medium Priority control
  • Direct Lighting enable/disable switch
  • Direct and environment lighting samples multipliers
  • Russian Roulette Start Bounce control
  • Roughness Clamping and Low Light Threshold
  • Material preview quality adjustable
  • Texture Cache Size setting & more…

Downloads and full release notes: