New Animation: Hamlet, Act 2


Let me step out of the shadows of the lurker cave to thank those in charge here for setting up this forum. It’s a great resource and pretty damn entertaining to boot.

I’ve finished Act 2 of my Hamlet project which you can find here:
Sorenson 3 QT, 7.8 MB

If you missed the first chapter, check out

Thanks to the crew at Eggington for supplying the AM community with so many free models before they got the hell out of Dodge.


Gregg Wrenn


I love it :beer:
I havent laughed so hard since i found happy tree friends



That was great! :applause:
I loved the camera movement and lighting. Great use of effects and bizarro cut aways!
You should post it to the main gallery forum.

p.s. are you still in ‘Dodge’?


Thanks for the positive feedback so far.

Finkster: yes, Hamlet was made with 8.5 and NetRender.


:buttrock: :buttrock:

There’s something so hilarious about these animations! It’s not just the visuals- but how you’ve decided to edit them down! Freaking hilarious!!:applause:


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