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Hey All,

Not sure if anyone missed me post this on the end of my thread about ]Output format question so I thought I’d post it here.

Well, here’s the animation. Based on an original idea from myself I wanted to see if I could use Cinema 4d, After Effects and Premiere pro to produce this as best I could.
It’s a self promo piece for my new website (in production) to sell myself as an animator too! :slight_smile:

Comments welcome;

Money Matters


Following the advice I got from the nice guys in the other thread (ty) I kept everything with no compression. Final Mov. file ended up around 1.2G, exported from Quicktime Pro with Mpg4 compression. Not overly happy with the quality… :frowning:


Yeah, it’s okay, but in my view it’s not a proper interpretation of the topic. You are way to bent on actually “painting” the type instead of showing other, possibly more interesting views of the scenery. The user does not necessarily need to see the stuff being written, as long has he can believe he knows how, when he is shown individual sections where the coin just zaps across the screen and draws a single line/ curve. And of course the Euro lacks realism as does the stroke - the minting on the coin is much more pronounced, resulting quite in some twinkling as it moves (ask a photographer who tried to do some shots of coin stacks…) and at the zoom level you are using, the line would show rugged edges, regardless whether it looks sharp from a distance. Of course the coin would also be stained and random color sprinkles would drip here and there, the lines would not be equal in width due to the coin banking in curves etc… There’s a lot that could be improved.



Hey Mylenium,

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. :slight_smile:

I agree, there are and could be lots of areas for improvement, but as someone who primarily works creating still 3d renders, animation is something new to me. I’ve dabbled in it in pieces but never really attempted to visualize an idea from creation to final editing and music. This was mainly a test to see if I could integrate the three programs and as a ‘first run’ i’m kinda pleased with the results. :slight_smile:



Yes, of course. We all were beginners once and only practice makes perfect, so keep on trying ;-). The idea is sound, so maybe when you find the time, you can re-iterate it.



Nice piece, i think is well executed, you picked not the easiest of the FX which is liquids and the complexity of it. For me is fine , my only critique is the lack of contrast between the background and the euro coin also the camera angles could be improved by a closer shot of the coin.
Other than that is a nice piece.


Hey Ediris,

Thanks for the comment. As for the colours, I wanted to keep them very graphic and simple to match the feel of a ‘bank’ advert.

I agree with your comments about the coin and contrast as well as Mylenium’s comments about sparkles etc.

There is no actual liquids involved. The lines are all extrude / sweep nurbs. :slight_smile:

And yes, when I get time, i’ll look back and maybe work some more on this one!

Thanks again guys.


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